A Combination Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper is Just Useful

You know what's not a great idea? Doing any type of wiring or electrical work while consuming alcohol. You know what tool you should use to get the job done if you're going to ignore that advice? This bottle opener. Read More >>

An Ultra-Thin Camping Shovel For Discreetly Burying Your Indiscretions

When you're heading out into the wild with nothing more than a backpack to carry all of your supplies and gear, packing light and compact is your number one priority. And when mother nature is serving as your outhouse, a shovel has to be at the top of your packing list—preferably one as light and slim as the GG Camp Shovel which looks no bigger than a shoe horn. Read More >>

A Multipurpose Key That Will Unlock Your Inner MacGyver

In addition to opening doors, that set of keys in your pocket also serves as makeshift knives, prybars, and even ice scrapers. But why risk accidentally bending a key and losing access to your home when this key sized multi-tool can do so much more? Read More >>

Charge Your Phone From Your Power Tools With This Handy Adapter

Smartphones have become an essential tool in every line of work, from corporate accounting to carpentry. But often times those working on building sites don't have easy access to a power outlet for a quick top off when needed. They do, however, have access to power tools. With this clever adapter they can harness a drill or saw's rechargeable battery to recharge their electronics. Read More >>

A Handheld Broiler Lets You Guarantee a Perfect Sear

It's hard to keep tabs on the sear on a steak when it's buried in your oven under the broiler. So Dave Arnold, a man known for his innovations in the field of culinary technology, has created a handheld broiler called the Searzall that lets chefs guarantee an absolutely perfect sear on a piece of meat.

An App-Connected Laser Tape Measure Will Never Mistake Inches For Feet

Sure, that laser rangefinder made short work of measuring every dimension in that room you plan to renovate. It's just too bad you jotted all those measurements down on the back of an old receipt that promptly went missing. That's why Bosch has given its new GLM 100 C laser rangefinder Bluetooth capabilities and an accompanying app so every last measurement is accurately documented. Read More >>

A Pen That Just Might Be Mightier Than an Actual Sword

The rat race is a war fought on domestic soil, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And those of you who bravely march into the office every morning need to ensure you're properly equipped for your nine-to-five battle. A shiny pair of wingtips and a healthily-packed lunchbox will only get you to the front lines. For guaranteed victory you need more in your arsenal, like a fancy haircut, and Gerber's new Impromptu Tactical Pen. Read More >>

This Grapefruit Sectioner Might Be the Most Specific Kitchen Gadget

No longer do those wanting to eat healthy at breakfast have to live in fear of the backlash from the grapefruit they're digging into. This Citrus Sectioner replaces your spoon with a purpose-built contraption that safely and easily removes a wedge from your favourite morning fruit—minus any geysers of blinding juice. Read More >>

Trade Your Swiss Army Knife For This Multi-Function iPhone Case

Your smartphone has already replaced everything from your digital camera to your alarm clock, so why not the pocket knife clipped to your keyring too? The creators of the IN1 feel you should demand more from your iPhone case than just a way to protect it from falls, and so have packed theirs with a multitude of removable tools sure to make any wannabe MacGyver happy. Read More >>

Forge Your Own Path With This Collapsible Trail-Clearing Multi-Tool

If you'd rather take the path less followed when you hit the great outdoors, it might need a little TLC along the route. And that's where the lightweight collapsible Trail Boss will serve as your perfect hiking partner. It lets you carry four long-handled tools in a compact pack, so you can make short work of fallen branches, exposed roots, or whatever else hinders your progress. Read More >>

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Open a Beer With a Frisbee: The Trick You Need to Learn Today

Never underestimate the ingenuity of someone who needs to open a beer. How the hell does this even work? The spin from the whirling 'bee twists it off? Or is the disc acting more like a lever? Alright people, last beach weekend of the year (T_T), time to figure this out.
We've seen beers opened a million different ways before, but there's something so organically dude about this Frisbee trick. Consider yourself challenged. [Tastefully Offensive] Read More >>

Google's Word Definitions Just Got Way More Useful

While Google's word definitions may literally be a little odd at times, the "define word" search command is incredibly convenient — and it's now got a whole lot more useful, too. Read More >>

Turn a Drill Into a Shotgun With This Spinning Disc of Doom

With the aid of power tools and the hidden strength of spirals, Sprave has managed to pack a massive, ball-launching mechanism into a disc of doom by curling the lengthy launch track in on itself. It's a strategy that could someday be used to launch things into space, but in the meantime, thwacking balls of steal against a target is pretty good. Read More >>

The World's Smallest Saw Is Made From Diamond Coated Carbon Nanotubes

You know all that sawdust you're left with when hacking through a piece of lumber? It's a minor inconvenience for carpenters, but a huge problem for electronics manufacturers cutting expensive materials like silicon wafers on the microscopic scale. So researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have found a way to make incredibly precise ultra thin saws from carbon nanotubes covered with an outer layer of lab grown diamonds. Read More >>

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Inside the International Space Station's Tool Kit

When you're floating in space, it pays to be prepared, so it's perhaps no surprise that the International Space Station packs a pretty impressive tool kit. Those obsessed by workshops and making, prepare to drool. Read More >>

A 120-Piece Socket Set is Your "I Don't Need a Mechanic" Deal of the Day

Today's incredible offer is one for those of you who thrive on tinkering with engines and what-have-you. The sorts who are never happy unless they've got their heads under a car bonnet. In short, the Phil Mitchells of this world. Read More >>


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