An Ingenious Portable Sawmill Lets One Person Turn Trees Into Lumber

Not knowing how to turn a tree into shelter is one of those life skills that I'm ashamed not to have—despite the fact that I'll probably never need to know. To my delight, a Swedish company has invented a sawmill that makes the process almost foolproof. Read More >>

This Rolling Bear Trap Makes Awkward Flat Materials Easy to Move

A large sheet of plywood isn't necessarily heavy, but its massive dimensions can certainly make it unwieldy to carry. And since there's nothing wrong with the whole 'work smarter not harder' mentality, this gravity-powered clamping trolley makes it super easy to just roll everything from sheets of wood, to drywall, to basically anything that will fit inside its grasp. Read More >>

These Hand-Forged Kitchen Knives are Works of Rural Art

The world is not lacking for inexpensive kitchen knife sets—they've long been a staple of those repetitive late-night BUY-ONE-GET-TEN-FREE commercials and bargain bins alike—but top-quality cutlery is much harder to come by. These blades from Chelsea Miller Knives offer a rare mix of artful simplicity and rugged sturdiness. Read More >>

It Turns Out the Straight Line Isn't the Most Useful Tetris Piece

If someone asked you what the most coveted Tetris piece was, you'd instantly say the straight line, right? After all, you're always building your stack to leave a thin gap down one side so that when a straight piece does fall, you can clear out four rows at once. But in real life, at least thanks to this multitool, the T-shaped tetromino is far more useful. Read More >>

This Tiny MacGyver Emergency Toolkit Will Get You Out of Any Situation

iFixit, the folks responsible for tearing down all of our favourite gear, also sell kits that include all the tools they use. But none will ever be as useful as this tiny £6 'Action Hero Toolkit' inspired by TV's most resourceful hero: MacGyver. Read More >>

These Smiley Face Screws are Wildly Impractical but Utterly Adorable

If ever there was a product designed to bring joy but ultimately destined to frustrate, it is these smiley face screws. They look beautiful, adorable, fun even. But you will shout and swear and stamp your feet every time you need to tighten them up. Read More >>

The World's Safest Shiv Also Makes Your Ladder Way More Useful

Ladders might give you access to areas of your home you simply can't reach, but that's pretty much all they're good for. Need to bring a few tools with you to fix a leaky gutter? You're on your own—unless you've got this handy Ladder Limb in your toolbox, which adds a carabiner for hanging or storing everything from paint cans to the toolbox itself. Read More >>

Lightsaber BBQ Tongs for the Evil Sith Grillmaster in Your Life

The Star Wars movies kind of painted the Sith as evil, unredeemable monsters. But between blowing up planets and wiping out the Jedi, even Darth Vader and the Emperor must need some R&R time, and presumably that involves the occasional BBQ where these lightsaber tongs would be invaluable. Read More >>

Toolbox Chess Sets Make You the Bobby Fischer of the Building Site

Grabbing your toolbox and tackling a few repairs around the house can certainly teach you some new and useful skills. But if you really want to better yourself, and increase your brain power, you'll reach for these lovely toolbox chess sets instead. Read More >>

Don't Let Kids Anywhere Near This Arrow-Shooting Slingshot

We usually think of slingshots as the weapon of choice for precocious little kids, but in the right hands they can be deadly. Especially when they're designed to fire actual hunting arrows like the Survival Slingshot that lets you take down prey larger than sparrows and squirrels. Read More >>

Splash Some Silly Money on This Programmable Electric Screwdriver

If you love tinkering and have a grand to spare you might want to consider Ingersoll Rand when shopping for a cordless drill. The company's awfully-named QXX2PT08PQ4 QX Series precision screwdriver can actually be programmed via USB to your computer, letting you create custom speed and torque profiles for different tasks. Read More >>

Squeegee Shower Hangers Keep You One Step Ahead of Soap Scum

If you can spare an extra minute after your daily shower, you can eliminate soap scum before it becomes a problem by simply wiping down the glass cubicle or surrounding wall with this handy squeegee, designed to hang on your curtain rod or shower head. Read More >>

This Polaroid Produces Instant Slices of Cheesy Deliciousness

Instead of churning out instant photos, this Polaroid has had its camera guts removed and replaced with a simple cheese slicer. It still produces fond memories, but instead of a baby's smile or a day at the beach, it's fond memories eating thin slices of cheese. And that would put a smile on anybody's face—except the lactose intolerant. [Gamago via Chip Chick] Read More >>

Swappable Blades Let These Snips Cut Through Almost Anything

When you're working near your toolbox, keeping an assortment of snips within easy reach for various tasks is a great way to stay productive. But when you're working somewhere your toolbox can't go, like at the top of a ladder, Crescent's new Switchblade snips are a better option letting you carry a single handle with swappable cutting heads for multiple tasks. Read More >>

Ultra-Simple Titanium Tools That Tackle Any Task With Style

Who says a multitool has to be some monstrous device overflowing with foldout blades and screwdrivers that's too large to comfortably carry in your pocket? The Portland-based design team at Industry takes a less is more approach with this pair of Solid: Series One tools that can be used however you want—and should survive any task, since they're made from solid titanium. Read More >>

A Better Multitool Adds a Napkin Holder, Spritzer, and Flash Drive

Victorinox and Wenger have owned the Swiss army knife industry for decades, but who really needs an orange peeler, corkscrew, or a nail file on their multi-tool? The folks at a Scandinavian company called Clas Ohlson feel the Swiss army knife is due for an upgrade with more useful accessories, so they've created the (freakishly huge) Uniquely Useful Tool that includes—among other implements—a flash drive, a magnet, a paper clip, and even a tiny spray bottle. Read More >>


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