Now You Can Get Your Caffeine Hit From Your Toothbrush in the Morning

Why wait for your coffee in the morning when your toothbrush can juice you up with caffeine instead? Colgate's apparently trying just that. Read More >>

The Tongue Toothbrush Is the Grossest Way to Be Hygienic

Toothbrushes haven't changed much. Sure some fancy tech whiz brushes spin the bristles themselves but at the end of the day, after centuries of use, we still have to hold the damn thing. Not anymore. The T2T is a hands free toothbrush that you slip onto your tongue to do your teeth cleaning. It's the grossest way to be hygienic. Read More >>

Why on Earth Would You Say This Live on TV?

News anchors are meant to be some of the most solid broadcasting professionals. They're on TV every day, and should know the consequences of exposing a little too much of themselves on live TV. That didn't stop this American anchor's insistence on telling us about her, errr, vibrating toothbrush. Seriously, keep these things to yourself, OK? [YouTube via Mashable] Read More >>

Spacewalking Astronauts Resort to Hacking Up the Humble Toothbrush to Fix the ISS

You'd think they'd take tools up with them for everything, considering the nearest hardware shop is at least 205 miles away back on the ground, but apparently not. Astronauts had to resort to hacking up an electric toothbrush to fix a stuck bolt on the outside of the International Space Station -- the first ever space-based hackathon. Read More >>

App-Connected Toothbrush Makes Sure You Keep Your Smile Sparkling

The next time you skip brushing your teeth before going to bed, make sure you're not using the Beam Brush. It tracks your dental hygiene habits with a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, reminding you of your negligence. Read More >>


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