Apple Display Patent Uses Infrared Light to Detect Touch Pressure

A simpler method of measuring how hard children are jabbing their fingers at the "BUY" button inside tawdry free-to-play applications may be on the way from Apple, after patents for a new pressure sensitive touchscreen were unearthed. Read More >>

Apple Patents iPad Stylus With Fancy Retractable Nib

A new Apple patent has been uncovered, one that was originally filed in September of 2012, that sees the tech giant filing details of an interactive stylus with multiple nib settings to cater for different uses. A pen and a paintbrush, for example, popping out of the same hole. Read More >>

Apple Patents Sapphire Growing, Harvesting and Cutting Methods for Ultra-Tough Displays

Apple's been queuing up at the patent office again, this time filing a list of various methods of creating and cutting pure lumps of sapphire, for use as extra-strong screens in the new technology of the middle-distant future. Read More >>

Apple Patents Full-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Tech

Not content with making its little button read fingerprints, Apple sees a future where the entire display of a device can sense individual fingers. It's filed for a patent that can identify all ten of your fingers, letting users assign an app shortcut to each digit. The middle finger could be reserved for calling work, for example. [WIPO via Unwired View] Read More >>

Apple Wins Patent Battle Over 20 Critical "Steve Jobs" Smartphone Concepts

Generals observing the patent war believe Apple has just won a crucial battle, thanks to the US patent office confirming the strength of 20 patents registered by Apple. Including the "Steve Jobs Patent" that set the blueprint for touch interfaces, this 20 are seen as key to winning the smartphone war. Read More >>

Does Anyone Else Still Use a Mouse?

With tablets and trackpad based laptops slowly taking over the world, using an actually old-fashioned mouse seems to be becoming a niche passion for an increasingly small but devoted few. Maybe the mouse should just die already, but I can't be only one who just can't give it up. Read More >>

The Quest to Touch Virtual Objects

Media, from television and radio to the internet, only takes advantage of two of our senses: sight and sound. Traditionally speaking, our sense of touch has rarely been utilised in analogue or digital communication. Read More >>

The Day I Forgot How to Use a Book

I was shocked at what I had just done, so I laughed out loud. I was there, in a house in the Swiss mountains, lying comfortably on a sofa. I was reading Canetti's Crowds and Power, a solid 400-page book. And then, as my eyes were approaching the end of yet another page, I swiped upwards. Read More >>

This Sick 3D Gesture Control Hardware Will Only Cost About £75

Leap Motion's amazing-looking gesture control debuted last May, and it's had developers crawling all over it ever since. Now, the company is finally getting ready to sell it to you—and it'll only cost about £75 all-in. Read More >>

A Desktop PC That Turns into a Gigantic 27-inch Tablet

This is at once pretty cool and also very, really, incredibly silly and dumb. But that's not a bad thing! Here's Lenovo's Horizon desktop computer. It's half Minority Report, half newjack board game. Oh, and also a full Windows 8 all-in-one computer. Read More >>

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When You Sit Down, Does Your Arse Actually Touch the Chair?

There's a hackneyed scientific description of what it means to touch things: your arse never actually "touches" a chair when you sit down, so it goes, but instead is repelled because of electrons that come up against each other. But is that really the case? Read More >>

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iPhone 5 Scrolling "Glitch" Exposed by Flailing Fingers

A weird glitch with Apple's iPhone 5 has been uncovered, which sees touch input drop out when the phone's display is continuously stimulated. It's pretty niche and unlikely to break anything too seriously, but it might effect some gaming uses if left unchecked. Read More >>

Using Electrical Charge to Make the World Feel Different

Imagine if you picked up a ceramic teapot and it felt hairy, of if you ran your hand across a counter top and it felt like sandpaper. That's exactly the kind of thing researchers at the cutting edge of touch interfaces are trying to do, by changing the way everyday objects feel using a weak electric signal fed through a user's entire body. Read More >>

This Robotic Finger Is More Sensitive Than Yours

Robots aren't known for their gentle touch and thoughtful caress, but that could all be about to change. A team of engineers has developed a robotic finger that's capable of detecting textures — and it's more sensitive than a human hand. Read More >>

Is This the Best Gesture Control System Ever?

Gesture control as we know it is rudimentary at best. But a new San Francisco startup called Leap Motion has just announced a new 3D motion control system that its claims is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market — and it's set to be pretty cheap too. Read More >>

RIM Upping its Game With All-Touch BB10, Due in October?

According to those who enjoy keeping track of RIM's performances, the BlackBerry maker is preparing to reveal its first BB10 device in the summer, with a launch of the new hardware and software combo set for this autumn. Read More >>


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