Google Mashes Street View and Google+ Together for Tour de France Action Cam

Google's put together a very technically impressive web experience celebrating the Tour de France, giving you (a bit of) an idea of what the stages look like from a rider's perspective. Read More >>

100 Years of Tour de France Bikes Map the Evolution of Modern Cycling

There are few professional sports as closely bound to technology as cycling. A bike isn't just equipment, as skiis or a tennis racket might be—it's a partner in a symbiotic relationship between the machine and athlete. And it's remarkable how drastically that machine has changed in the last century. Read More >>

2014 Tour de France Staring in... Yorkshire

Golden boy Bradley Wiggins and the rest of our magisterial cyclists won't have too far to travel to join the Tour de France in 2014, thanks to Tour organisers announcing that the 2014 bike race will start in Yorkshire. Read More >>


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