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They Really Did It! Toy Story—The FULL MOVIE—Filmed with Real Live Toys

My goodness, this is a thing of wonder and whimsy and a buttload of perseverance. The Live Action Toy Story Project, which we've updated you about in the past, is finally completed. What a wonderful thing to exist in the world. Read More >>

NASA's New Spacesuit Looks Just Like Buzz Lightyear

I've heard of science following science-fiction, you've only got to look at the iPad to know that's true, but science following cartoons? Now there's a first. NASA's unveiled its new Z-1 spacesuit prototype, and boy does it look familiar. Read More >>

A Garden Bench Is Your "I'm Prepared For Summer, Damn It!" Deal of the Day

We like to play a percentages game here at Gizmodo, and reckon that because the weather has been so wretched and diabolical so far this summer, it's inevitable that a heatwave is on its way, leading to lots and lots of outdoor sitting and basking. Read More >>

Toy Story and Other Disney Blu-Ray Box Sets Are Your "To Infinity and Beyond" Deal of the Day

Just for a while, what's say we forget about all the evil and sickness that infects Mother Earth, transporting ourselves instead to a quieter, happier place where the only peril is of the mild variety -- the world of Disney movies. Read More >>

The Complete Toy Story Box Set Is Your "To Infinity and Beyond!" Deal of the Day

Today’s top deal is one will only be poo-poohed by those of you who have a heart fashioned from concrete – for the rest of us, poo-poohing will be replaced by aahing and oohing. Read More >>

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New Toy Story Short Shows the Plight of Neglected Happy Meal Toys

You'll have to go see the new Muppets movie to see it in its entirety (not that you need another reason) but here's a first look at Pixar's new Toy Story short Small Fry which finally gives us a look at what life is like for those crappy, and quickly forgotten, fast food toys. Read More >>


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