Toyota Recalls 6.4m Cars Due to... Everything Issues

A huge number of Toyotas are being recalled by the car maker, covering airbag issues, the steering column, windscreen wipers and much more, with 27 different models affected. Totyota says no one's been injured by any of the issues, although two fires may have been triggered by a problem with the engine starter. If you own a Toyota, best let it sleep outside from now on. [BBC] Read More >>

Water Vapour Will Be the Only Emission From Toyota's New Fuel Cell Car

Electric-only cars might be hot-topic right now, but Toyota is pursuing another eco-friendly alternative to petrol engines with its FCV concept. Read More >>

Why You Shouldn't Be Too Quick to Cheer Self-Driving Cars

One of the clear automotive technology trends at CES this year is cars that drive themselves. From Audi to Lexus to Ford, the world's largest car companies are beginning to follow Google's lead in an effort to produce cars smart enough to drive themselves. Read More >>

Google's Not the Only One With a Driverless Car This Year

Looks like CES 2013 might be the year of the driverless car as both Audi and Toyota/Lexus have confirmed they'll be bringing their new autonomous vehicles to the show. Move over Google, looks like you're not the only game in town anymore, and maybe we'll actually be able to buy a self-driving Audi or a Toyota soon. Read More >>

Toyota's Got Some New Tech That Could Double Your Battery Life

One thing's for sure, out of all the tech industry's ravenous advancements, battery tech has been the slowest to evolve. We're basically still using the same lithium-ion batteries we were 10 years ago, and we all know how battery life sucks. Now Toyota may have the answer, and it looks like it's going to double battery capacity. Read More >>

7.4 Million Toyotas Recalled Over Faulty Window Switch of (Potential) Death

Car giant Toyota is having to recall an incredible 7.4m models due to a minute problem to do with the window switches. No one was harmed by a window, but still. Someone could've bruised a forearm. Or caught fire. Read More >>

This Human Support Robot Is the Robo-Butler of the Future

It's been the new millennium for over a decade now and not only do we not have personal jetpacks, but there's also a distinct lack of robo-maids and robo-butlers. You might not be able buy a robotic house-slave tommorrow, but Toyota's newly announced Human Support Robot is a step in that direction. Read More >>

How The Mythbusters Accidentally Punched a 15cm Cannonball Hole in a People Carrier

The cannonball was supposed to blast through an array of water barrels and a cinderblock wall. Supposed to. Instead it hit the wall, a hill and Jasbir Gill's Toyota Sienna. Now do you see why they tell you not to try this at home? Read More >>

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Is This Insane Video Your Future Car Experience?

You already saw a photo of the Toyota Fun-Vii concept. This video shows how they want that car to work in... THE FUTURE! Read More >>

Toyota's Insane Concept Car Has Giant Touch-Screen Doors

Meet the Toyota Fun-Vii, a futuristic concept car that Toyota's president described as "a smartphone on four-wheels." Smartphone screens have certainly been growing, from 3.5-inches, to 4-inches, to 4.5-inches but holy crap, is this the logical conclusion? Read More >>

Toyota's New Infotainment System Mirrors Your Smartphone's Display

Some level of smartphone connectivity is standard on nearly every new car, but Toyota appears to be the first to implement the Car Connectivity Consortium's MirrorLink protocol in their iQ later this year. Read More >>


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