Philips' Stunning New TV Looks More Like a Work of Art Than a Screen

Lots of TV manufacturers have aimed for the high design end of the market, but none have really looked any good. Philips is trying to buck that trend with its new DesignLine TV, which looks more like a slab of glass artwork than a screen to watch the likes of Iron Man on. Read More >>

Philips Gives You a QWERTY Keyboard On Your Remote For Your Smart TV-Using Pleasure

Despite rumours of the death of Philips' TV business, the 5-month old TP Vision is keen to show us that Philips TVs are alive and kicking with two new, good-looking smart TVs. Because, apparently, that's what the consumer wants -- more smart in your TV, and now with a keyboard on the back of your remote too. Read More >>

Philips Quits the TV Business (Updated)

Philips may have been a household TV name in the 90s and 2000s, and its 21:9 cinema screens recently made some noise in the UK, but now Philips is out; it’s handing over the reins to Hong Kong-based TPV Technology for Philips TVs in name-only. Read More >>


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