UK ISPs Now Secretly Blocking Pirate Bay Proxies Without Court Approval

The official public list of blacklisted torrent sites is rather short, but it would appear to be secretly growing thanks to ISPs adding some Pirate Bay proxy sites to the banned list without being forced to do so by the courts. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay's Set Sail AGAIN for Waters Anew

Every gripping pirate story has to involve at least one scene set on some godforsaken island with palm trees, and the epic Pirate Bay saga is no exception. Just days after fleeing for Iceland, everyone's favourite torrent site is now ending in .SX. A tot of rum for anyone who can tell me what country the .SX domain belongs to. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Finds Safe Harbour in Iceland

After making a run for it from Sweden to Greenland, and then finding that Greenland really didn't want a bunch of pirates plundering its waters, Iceland seems happy to have the Pirate Bay. So, time to update your bookmarks: ThePirateBay.is is TPB's new home. Read More >>

Pirate Bay Proxy Site Added to UK Ban List Seemingly Without Authority

We think we know the names of the sites banned for offering access to the Bay's masses of torrent files, but it would appear some additional proxy sites are on the blacklist that we haven't been told about. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Domain Pulled Offline By Greenland Revolt

Looks like the Pirate Bay needs a plan B, pronto, as its switch to thepiratebay.gl earlier in the week to escape Sweden's wrath, looks like it's put it in hot water, resulting its new .gl domains being pulled offline, as Greenland doesn't want it sullying its waters. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Extends Its Game of Whac-a-Mole With a Brand New Domain

The cat-and-mouse game of big media versus the Pirate Bay and its various proxies, IP addresses, and tunnelling equipment, has just been pre-emptively extended with a brand new domain name: thepiratebay.gl. Seems Sweden tried to take its .se domain back. Read More >>

The British Torrent Blockade Continues as the BPI Strikes Again

It's not just the Pirate Bay that's feeling the sting of High Court-infused blocking orders. Three more torrent sites, KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy, have been given the special treatment thanks to the BPI, just like TPB, with BT, Virgin, O2 and Be already blocking them off the face of the UK internet. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Is Suing an Anti-Piracy Group for Copyright Infringement

You read that right. The Pirate Bay is the one doing the suing over copyright infringement this time. Even more hilariously, The Pirate Bay says it will sue CIAPC, an anti-piracy group, for copyright infringement. The Pirate Bay is completely serious! It has already asked the policy to investigate its claim that CIAPC has copied The Pirate Bay. Read More >>

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You Can Watch TPB: AFK, the Pirate Bay Movie, Right Here, Right Now

Been itching to get the inside scoop on what actually went down with the rise and jail-time of the Pirate Bay founders? Well, now you can. TPB: AFK has finally been released, and you can either download it from TPB (where else?), or watch it right here. Read More >>

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Watch This Trailer For The Pirate Bay Documentary

The Pirate Bay. It's a site that lives in infamy, perhaps more than any other site on the history. Lots of powerful people are gunning to take it down, but somehow it's managed to stay up the whole time. It's a fascinating story, so this upcoming documentary on the topic is bound to be good. I mean, just watch the trailer. Read More >>

Surprise! Chopping Down One Pirate Proxy Makes Two More Appear

In the latest round of internet Whac-a-Mole, two foreign Pirate Parties have leapt into action and provided two shiny new proxies to access The Pirate Bay, following the BPI shutting down the UK proxy last week with some heavy-handed legal threats. Like some kinda bad Greek monster, it seems if you cut off one head, a couple new ones sprout up in its place. Read More >>

The UK Pirate Party's Pirate Bay Proxy Gets Nuked

Well, Big Media won, for the time being at least. After taking legal action against the individual members of the UK's Pirate Party personally, which was hosting a Pirate Bay proxy, said proxy has been taken offline. I don't blame them for caving, really. Wouldn't you faced with being completely wiped out personally? [Pirate Party] Read More >>

Check Out This Epic Fail As Reason #597 That Internet Censorship is a Bad Idea

It's been proved, time and time again, that sledgehammer-style censorship is not the way to stop piracy. If you needed the tiniest smidgen of extra proof, though, try this example of major movie studios basically shooting themselves in the foot with their 12-bore-shotgun piece of legislation. Read More >>

Report: Pirates Aren't Total Jerks After All

Record companies like to portray pirates as scum of the earth: bottom-feeders, who stay holed up in their basements with their fibre-optic lines doing nothing but cavorting on torrent forums whilst listening to that latest boot-legged Justin Bieber album. A new report from Ofcom, though, seems to say that this impression may not be entirely true. Read More >>

9-Year-Old "Pirate" Has Her Winnie the Pooh Laptop Impounded in the Name of the Law

News from the front line of the war on piracy, and the record companies have struck an important blow in their quest for equality: a terrible, law-breaking, 9-year-old pirate has had the super-powerful dangerous tools of her trade confiscated by the police. Thank God for that. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Loves the Planet as Much as Your Freedom to Pirate

The Pirate Bay recently made the switch to the cloud to basically make it indestructible, but apparently that wasn't the only motivation. TPB wants to save the planet too, and the cloud enables it to go properly green. In fact, it's probably the greenest site of that size, ever. Read More >>


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