Google Turns Today's Biggest Privacy Issue Into Weird Playmobil Video

Google wants you to know exactly how it deals with US government requests for user data. That's good! But the company wants to explain it to you with stop-motion wooden toys, like you're some kind of three year old. That's . . . weird. Read More >>

Survey Shows Hacking Is a Bigger Concern For People than Tracking

According to a November survey of 1,000 voters, people are more creeped out by the possibility of a person or group ascertaining their personal information, than the idea that someone might be following their online movements and habits. Read More >>

Oh Great, the NSA's Using Mobile Phones to Track Your Every Move, Too

According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA is collecting 5 billion records a day on mobile phone locations around the world. Some of those are from "incidentally" domestic, civilian mobile phones. Read More >>

Google Adding Smartphone Location Data to its Advert-Selling Schemes

According to reports from companies selling adverts through Google, the search giant is beta-testing a system that combines location data pulled from smartphones with internet searches, in an attempt to prove that adverts really can drive people to visit shops and consume products. Read More >>

Facebook Is Testing Software That Tracks Your Cursor's Every Move

When most people hear that Facebook upgrades are on the way, they're probably not hoping for more tracking software. But according to a new Wall Street Journal report, that's exactly what they're going to get. Read More >>

Google Claims It's Above UK Privacy Laws as the Yanks Make all the Big Decisions

Google's fighting a UK privacy battle in a rather ballsy manner, claiming UK privacy laws don't cover its operations because all that sort of stuff is handled by its US department. It's offshore tax shame all over again. Read More >>

London's People-Stalking Bins Told to Cease and Desist

After hitting the headlines last week, it seems London's new people-tracking bins aren't going to be tracking anyone for a while. The City of London has told Renew, which operates the recycling bins that track people via their phones as they walk by, to stop spying on people. Read More >>

Resourceful Slacker Jams an Entire Airport Network to Get Off Work

If you're an employee at Newark Liberty Airport you're being tracked constantly throughout the workday. Which is great for security sure, but significantly less great if you need a little you time (slackers). In order to combat this little hurdle one New Jersey man named Gary Bojczak decided to take matters into his own hands this past August, by jamming Newark's entire satellite based tracking system.
Investigators noticed there might be a problem when Bojcazk came rolling up to work with a truck that was "emanating signals within a restricted frequency band used by the augmentation system." Apparently, the truck's on board GPS jammer wasn't only stopping Bojcazk's boss from tracking him down, it was even interfering with the airport's take off and landing signals. Which as you can imagine got the FCC in a bit of a huff. Read More >>

Brave New Garbage: London's Rubbish Bins Track You Using Your Smartphone

Remember the "smart" rubbish bins that popped up around London a few years ago? Placed throughout the city, the LCD-equipped cans broadcast info and ads (mainly ads) to passersby. Now, the company that makes them is testing new functionality for the two-year-old devices, allowing them to track and analyse the signals from nearby smartphones. How come the worst part of the Minority Report future is the one we get first? Read More >>

iOS 7 Tracks Your Every Move and Displays Your Favourite Places

Creepy new feature alert! Creepy new feature alert! Buried in the Settings menu of the latest beta version of iOS 7 is the somewhat unsettling ability to see everywhere you've been since upgrading the operating system. It makes you wonder: Who else can see these maps? Read More >>

You'll Be Able to Live-Track Your Amazon Deliveries Right to Your Door (and Get 15-Minute Delivery Windows)

You'll soon be able to watch some Amazon and ASOS deliveries trundle across the country and up to your doorstep LIVE, thanks to courier firms Interlink and DPD launching a tracking service that monitors the whereabouts of your stuff and gives you a precise 15-minute arrival window. Read More >>

Finally a Chance to Bend the Weather to Your Will

It always rains the day you're moving or gets really icy when you have a lot of driving ahead of you. Murphy's Law definitely applies. If you could control the weather things would be much easier, and Design I/O wants you to feel like you can. Its installation allows participants to make it rain, produce wind, drive snow, and bust out of ice blocks, all with a wave of an arm. Read More >>

This High-Speed Tracking Camera Could Snap the Flash's Family Portrait

Convincing kids to sit still long enough to take their picture either takes a small army of distracting stuffed animals, or the University of Tokyo's new high-speed camera tracking system which guarantees your subject is always in frame. Read More >>

Watch London Check In, Out and All About in Live Oyster Card Tracking Video

This clever animation shows how the human traffic flows in and around London, with map maker Oliver O'Brien combining touch-in and touch-out Oyster Card data into a lovely flowing animation he calls Tidal Flow. It tracks data at 10 minute intervals during the day, as traveller numbers increase from just about bearable to apocalyptic levels of forced physical closeness. [Now Here This] Read More >>

Who Needs to Actually Touch a Screen When You Can Just Point at It?

This may sound a little far fetched, but a gesture research company called Eyesight is offering up a purely software-based solution for tracking your delicate little digits. It uses your device's existing camera to track the movement of your hands, and specifically, your fingertips. It's like Kinect condensed down, and supposedly sensitive enough to monitor a single finger at up to 5-metres away. Read More >>

Facebook Ads Are Going to Tell You When They're Tracking You

We know Facebook ads are tracking us, we just don't always know which ones. But that process is about to get more transparent because Facebook is going to start labeling the ads you see based on past behaviour. Read More >>


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