Sorry, Apple, Someone Else Owns the iWatch Trademark in the UK

Apple's been gearing up for its long rumoured smart watch project for some time, although there may be some problem with using the anticipated "iWatch" name in the UK -- someone already owns it. Read More >>

Apple Had to Acquire Its "Lightning" Trademark From Harley-Davidson

Apple's controversial Lightning connector has a name that nicely matches up with the Thunderbolt data connection. But its name caused Apple some trouble — because it had to buy the trademark from Harley-Davidson. Read More >>

Insane French Company Baits Anonymous by Trademarking "Anonymous"

A bizarre attempt by a French company to register the Anonymous name as a trademark has succeeded, with the firm now owning the rights to create Anonymous merchandise in France. As you might expect, the Anon hackers themselves aren't impressed and will not be buying the t-shirt. Read More >>

Why Does Neil Young Need Six High-Resolution Internet Music Stores?

Neil Young thinks music sounds like crap. Not in an old codger, music-just-ain't-the-same way, but in an I'm-developing-six-high-resolution-services sorta way. Which could be great! But why six? Read More >>

Apple Has Been Denied the Multitouch Trademark

It's not hyperbolic to say that Apple introduced multitouch to the masses with the iPhone. Apple thought that they could trademark it. Unfortunately for them, the United States Patent and Trademark Office thought differently. They've denied Apple the multitouch trademark. Read More >>


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