The Lego Movie Trailer Is Here and It Sure Is Quippy

In summer 2012 the news broke that a feature-length Lego movie was actually happening and slated for 2014 release. And it's all true! The first trailer shows Lego figures and indicates a chosen-one-saves-the-world-type plot. Plus a lot of superhero mentions. Read More >>

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First Gravity Trailer: In Space, Silence Is Scarier Than Aliens

The thought of being ditched at sea isn't as terrible as being left behind in space. At least when you compare the trailers for Open Water and Alfonso Cuarón's latest, Gravity. The synopsis for this space odyssey goes something like this: Read More >>

The World's End Is Like Shaun of the Dead Blended With Hot Fuzz With a Touch of The Hangover

The legend that is Simon Pegg has a new film, and if this hilarious trailer is anything to go by, it's like some of the best British films to date all blended in as one. Aliens? Zombies? Who knows, just smash 'em on the head and it'll all be alright. Read More >>

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There's a Brand New Wolfenstein Coming and It Looks Awesome

B.J. Blazkowicz is back, and this time the Nazis have won WWII with immense walking battle mechs. One man against a whole planet of technology and dark magic-infused Nazis -- sounds fun, where do I sign up? Read More >>

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This Call of Duty: Ghosts Teaser Trailer Seriously Turns Things Up a Notch

This is apparently the mask face of cross-generation gaming. The Call of Duty juggernaut rolls on steadily with its latest instalment, Ghosts, firing this pretty badass teaser across our bows. The interesting bit is that it'll hit both the Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as the PS4 and next-gen Xbox, whenever they finally show up. Read More >>

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Apparently The Avengers Was a Little Too Much For Tony Stark

If you haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet, here's a little clip to put you in the mood. Apparently all that alien bashing, with a God for a sidekick, was all a bit too much for poor Stark. Now he can't sleep. I feel ya Tony, I can't sleep either. But then, I don't have billions of pounds to spend on whatever I want and a suit that you can actually fly like Superman in. Get over it you big baby! Read More >>

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This Is the Badass Dark Enterprise Kirk Battles In Star Trek Into Darkness

There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the next film in J.J. Abrams's reborn Star Trek series — including who exactly Benedict Cumberbatch is playing — but now we've got one more piece of the puzzle. It was briefly teased in the last trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, but via the film's mobile app, we now have a great shot of the Dark Enterprise. Read More >>

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Kirk's Tight Squeeze Is Even Slimmer Than You'd Think

We've seen a small smidgen of this clip before in one of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers, but it's a heck of a lot of a tighter squeeze than we realised. If only they'd fitted the thing with guns. Read More >>

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Oh Yes, Bones Is Still Awesome in Star Trek Into Darkness

Little did anyone realise that Star Trek was actually a show about a grumpy old doctor, thrust into space against his will. Yeah, Kirk and Spock stole the spotlight, but it's really all about Bones. Oh, and Scotty. But not Uhura, obviously. Lucky that Karl Urban is awesome as the good doctor, then. Read More >>

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New Man of Steel Trailer: Superman + Explosions = INSANE

When we saw Man of Steel's first trailer, we thought Superman never looked so badass. Now after seeing this longer trailer, well, OH MY GOD. It's everything you want in a superhero movie: origin, self doubt, internal conflict, great looking actors, ridiculous action sequences, and explosively explosions on explosions on explosions. Oh yeah, and a lot of awesome flying. [Man of Steel] Read More >>

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New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer: You'll Never Believe What the Enterprise Has to Fight

This looks like a whole heap of trouble. Previous trailers for the new Star Trek have shown the crew of the Enterprise put through the wringer, but the scope of this latest one makes it look even more absurd than ever. Here's the final trailer for the new JJ Abrams film. Oh, and it looks like Benedict Cumberbatch has a gigantic Dark Enterprise. Read More >>

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This Is Why Iron Man 3 Is So Awesome, According to the Actors

We haven't got long to wait now -- just 15 days -- until we can all get our peepers on Stark's latest outing, but if you're still gagging for teaser videos, check out Marvel's first 'featurette' out of Iron Man 3. It's even got Pepper Pots all supersuited up. Read More >>

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Elysium Is What the Dumped Halo Movie Could Have Been

Those who were following what happened with the now-dumped Halo movie will know that Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9, almost directed the Master Chief's cinematic outing. Instead, Elysium is what he's been working on, and it bear a striking similarity. Check out this kickass trailer. Read More >>

Sega Forced to Add "Sorry We Lied a Bit" Disclaimer to Aliens Adverts

Game publisher Sega has already come in for heaps of criticism over its Colonial Marines title, with the finished Aliens shooter bearing only a passing resemblance to earlier adverts and preview code. And the Advertising Standards people have upheld a player's complaint about the apparent bait and switch. Read More >>

Watch Pepper Potts Finally Suit Up in This Kickass Iron Man 3 Teaser

As April 25th gets closer and closer, Marvel is starting to flood the airwaves with 30 second Iron Man 3 commercials, including this spot which reveals something fans have speculated since the first trailer: Pepper Potts gets to don the Iron Man armour. It doesn't look like Stark has created her her own custom suit—yet—but she looks right at home in his armour. Talk about a power couple. [YouTube via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

The Wolverine Trailer Rendered Unwatchable Thanks to Vine

There's a... you see a... some people... he... it's no good. Vine trailers are rubbish, especially when the six second time limit results in the new trailer for The Wolverine being little more than 15 virtually still images mashed together. At least you can tell Hugh Jackman's in it again. And he's still got those knife things taped to his hands. We think. [Vine via Techradar] Read More >>


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