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This is Too Awesome: DARPA's Building Real Flying Transformers!

Between their remote locations and the ever present threat of ambush (or worse yet, IED), it's simply getting too dangerous to deliver the average 100,000 lbs of supplies that far-flung American forward combat bases require each week. Air drops by cargo plane or helicopter are one option, but DARPA researchers may already have a better solution: shape-shifting, cargo-carrying UAVs. Read More >>

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This Video Shows Every Transformation in the Transformers Movies

Do you guys remember how fun that Transformers trilogy was? Back when Shia was happy muttering no no no no when things went bad, back when we weren't sure if Megan Fox was part of a new beautiful species, back when Michael Bay didn't implode on a stage, back when it was just giant good transformers pummelling giant bad transformers. Read More >>

"Sexy" Transformers Costumes are Neither Big Nor Clever

There are certain words that just shouldn't go together; words that are so diametrically opposed that a chill can run down the spine on hearing them. In this case I present the phrase "Sexy Transformers Costume". Read More >>

Man in China Builds Giant Transformers Replica to Propose to Girlfriend

You know how when a guy courts a girl, sometimes the right move is a grand gesture? A bouquet of flowers to say you're sorry. A surprise weekend getaway to mark an anniversary. How about a giant Transformers replica to pop the question? Read More >>

Sushi Transformers are More Than Meets Your Tastebuds

If you're trying to eat healthier, it's a good idea to know exactly what goes into the food you consume. And while that's not exactly the goal Bandai had in mind when it created these sushi transformers that turn into what they're made from, it's justification enough to collect all five. Read More >>

Incredible Optimus Prime Gingerbread Man Transforms Into Deliciousness

If you were thinking about baking and building a gingerbread house this holiday season to impress your friends, don't waste your time. Because Caroline Eriksson has easily claimed the title of 'most awesome gingerbread thing' for 2013 with this unbelievably magnificent gingerbread Optimus Prime. Read More >>

Nike Has Put the Best Thing From the 1980s Into a Set of (Marmite) Trainers

It's baffling to think that it's taken until the year 2013 for Hasbro and Nike—two of the most powerful brands from the 1980s and 1990s—to finally team up and pay proper tribute to one of the best cartoon bad guys of all time. And while this isn't the first Nike and Transformers mashup, this amazing Megatron-themed set of shoes are the first that self-respecting Decepticon fans might actually want to wear. Read More >>

This Driving, Flying, and Swimming Drone Is a Real-Life Transformer

If you bumped into your eight-year-old self on the street and told him that actual Transformers would walk—fly, crawl, and swim—the planet within his lifetime, your eight-year-old self's head would probably explode. But shape-shifting autonomous robots are exactly what's in the works at the Sandia National Laboratory. Read More >>

This Concept Transforming Flat Is a Dozen Rooms at Once

Here at Gizmodo, we love us some transforming flats. On top of being space-efficient, they are just so damn cool. And this partially prototyped concept by students at TU Delft is no exception. Read More >>

Tomy's Self-Transforming RC Cars Could Be the Greatest Toy Ever

We've already brought you a few clips of Kenji Ishida's amazing self-transforming RC cars, but so far he's only made about ten of them available to the public, at a staggering £15,500 a piece. But there's great news for those of us who've chosen to pay off our mortgages instead of buying a toy robot: Takara Tomy is apparently working with Kenji and Brave Robotics to mass produce these as what will probably be the greatest toy ever. Read More >>

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The Cars Still Look Totally Badass Even If Transformers 4 Probably Won't Be

Michael "phwoah" Bay's just dolled out some photos of the redesigned transforming cars from his next instalment in the Transformers saga. While the movies have been a tad crap, the cars in them (before they become robots, obviously) have always looked damn cool. Transformers 4 looks like it's continuing the trend. Check out these beauties. Read More >>

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Watch an Epic Optimus Painting Come To Life In This Amazing Timelapse

Robert Burden, an artist living in San Francisco, has an affinity for immortalising his favourite childhood action figures as gigantic oil paintings that makes them seem larger than life. His latest piece, The Autobot, which gives Optimus Prime the glory he so readily deserves, took over 1,000 hours to complete. And thankfully for us, Robert captured the entire process in an awesome two and a half minute timelapse.
And here's the final version that you can embiggen and take in all the tiny details Robert added, including an actual Optimus Prime figure embedded in the bottom of the picture frame. If this doesn't get a wall in the Guggenheim, it will be a great disservice to this artist, the Autobots, and our nation. Read More >>

Michael Bay Is Why Transformers Got So Complicated

Have you tried to put together a Transformer lately? Without an instruction booklet, you stand a better chance of dismantling a nuclear warhead than making Optimus look like Prime, instead of a 16-wheeler with a robot head for a butt. That wasn't always the case. Read More >>

Autobots Assembled: How Transformers Come to Life

Transformers. There's maybe no more iconic toy, especially if you're a child of the '80s and '90s. And while the memories of making them shapeshift are indelible, the process of actually building one from scratch is far more involved (or exactly as involved, if you spent your entire childhood dreaming of this) as you'd imagine. Read More >>

MIT's Reconfigurable Robots Are Tiny Transformers That Will Turn Into Anything

The idea of transformers is cool even when they just turn from one thing to another, so how much cooler would they be if they could form into anything? That's the goal MIT aims to achieve with their tiny reconfigurable chain links that could be the Swiss Army knife of robotics. Read More >>

This Actual Corporate HQ Transforms Like an Actual Transformer

For its new Chinese headquarters, the industrial vehicle manufacturer Zoomlion commissioned for the building a special facade that actually moves and transforms, its two sets of steel-and-glass wings mounted on hydraulic frames. Read More >>


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