Google Reveals Data on Sites That Are Phishing and Installing Malware

Google's latest Transparency Report is out, and in its latest incarnation, the document reveals data on its "Safe Browsing" initiative, which attempts to protect users from sites that are either phishing for data or installing malicious software. According to Google, it keeps 1 billion users safe and flags some 10,000 sites per day. Read More >>

Twitter Is the One Place the Number of Copyright Notices Is Actually Down

Last June, Twitter hopped on the transparency train and released its first report indexing information requests, copyright takedown notices, and removal requests from governments around the globe. Now the second report is out, with its own site and some new details on what the U.S. government in particular is doing. And weirdly enough, copyright takedown requests are actually down from the past six months. Read More >>

Google Gets Ten Times As Many Takedown Requests As It Did Six Months Ago

Back in May when Google started publishing the takedown requests it received from copyright holders, the number was fairly high, roughly 250.000 a week. That's as much as all of 2009. Now, it's even higher. As of this month, that number has reached 2.5 million. Read More >>

UK Police Forced YouTube to Remove 640 Terrorist Videos in Just Half a Year

It seems terrorists love YouTube just as much as the rest of us. Google's been forced to remove around 640 videos and terminate five accounts related to terrorism, after complaints from UK anti-terror police. Read More >>


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