Londoners, Brace Yourselves: Five Days of Tube Strikes are Planned

Did you have fun during the London tube strikes back in February? Good for you -- you may get to relive the experience for five more days, as London Underground workers plan five more days of industrial action across April and May. Read More >>

Linking the World's Highest Cities With the Longest Urban Cable Car

La Paz is situated at a whopping 3,650 metres above sea level in Bolivia. El Alto, the country's second biggest metropolis, is located 500 metres above that. Now a new cable car system linking the world's highest cities made its public début, allowing tens of thousands of commuters to bypass congested roadways for a sleek ride in the sky. Read More >>

Commuter Cashback Scheme May Encourage Londoners to Walk or Bike to Work

London's Mayor is open to considering a scheme that would enhance the part-time travelcard scheme with new incentives for commuters, including a plan that could hand out cash rebates on season tickets for days when travellers dare to cycle or walk instead. Read More >>

London Underground Investing £330m in Mass Tube Station Jazz-Up

Transport for London has announced a plan to throw £330m at London's tube network, with the money set to be spent on refreshing around 70 stations over the next seven years. New floors, walls, efficient lighting and yet more CCTV cameras to catch you weeing in the tunnels will eventually hit the city's underground world. Read More >>

Incredibly Claustrophobic Photos of Tokyo's Trains at Rush Hour

The World's Best Ever picked up this great photo series by Michael Wolf. Titled Tokyo Compression, it shows snapshots of passengers captured at Tokyo's stations at rush hour. If you're claustrophobic, don't look at these. Read More >>

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8 Hours of Airplanes Departing From Los Angeles in One Photo

Los Angeles architectural photographer Mike Kelley posted this awesome image of almost all the departures and some of the arrivals at LAX during a period of eight hours last Sunday. Read More >>

Network Rail Pumping £38bn into Normal-Speed Train Line Revamp

The existing regular-speed rail network is set for a large overhaul, thanks to Network Rail committing a huge £38bn on refreshing stations, track upgrades, more electrification and even the reopening of some stretches of line that were axed during the rail apocalypse of the 1960s. Read More >>

Crossrail Route Will Now Extend to Reading

It's today been confirmed that the long-awaited Crossrail train route will be extended to cater for commuters in Reading. Read More >>

TfL Website Gets a Google Maps-Infused Facelift

Considering eight million people use it monthly, the Transport for London website has been long overdue a makeover -- it was clunky, ugly, and sometimes downright confusing as to showing users the best transport options for trips around the capital. A significant redesign of the service launches today, and it's instantly a zillion times more useable than what went before it. Read More >>

First Video of Chicago Airport Train Derailing and Going Up a Stairwell

On Monday a Blue Line subway train at Chicago's O'Hare airport jumped the rails
and then proceeded to plough its way up a set of stairs and escalators. And just a few days later security footage of the incident has finally been released. Not surprisingly, it looks like a real life action movie—minus the Hollywood-style explosions. Read More >>

TfL Trialling Bus Stop Touchscreen Map and Info Panels

It's not quite as heart-stopping as Pepsi's alien invasion augmented reality bus shelter, but it's a thousand times more useful: Transport for London has today begun trialling a bus stop equipped with an interactive mapping and information touchscreen. Read More >>

MH370 Families Notified of Sad Fate by Text and Social Media, But What Do You Think Would've Been More Appropriate?

In this hyper-connected age, we're used to getting information in an instant. When you're solving a pub argument over a beer that's great, but, as our readers have discussed in relation to flight MH370, there are also certain situations where the immediacy of a text or email can seem cold compared to face-to-face human contact. Read More >>

Jubilee Line Tube Driver Arrested for Being Drunk at the Controls

A 50-year old tube driver has been arrested, after being found drunk during his shift at the controls of a northbound Jubilee Line train on Saturday afternoon. Read More >>

This Beautifully Simple App Wants to Change How Public Transport Works

Public transport is a hard problem. Imagine how difficult it is for a city to meet the needs of millions, all of whom want to go different places at different times. And, inevitably, you're left standing on the platform. Ototo wants to change all of that. Read More >>

Flight MH370 Debris May Have Been Spotted in the Australian Stretch of the Indian Ocean

The mystery surrounding Flight MH370 has spawned numerous conspiracy theories, but an answer to how the plane managed to have seemingly vanished could be on its way -- Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has revealed that debris has been spotted in the south Indian Ocean which could potentially be the remains of the craft. Read More >>

This Electric Motorcycle Has Storage Space Instead of a Petrol Tank

Unless you're on some giant Harley designed for a long cruise across the country, a backpack is probably the most storage room you've got on a motorcycle. But besides the savings on fuel, an electric motorcycle has other advantages, like a giant hole where the petrol tank and engine used to be—which this bike, the Feddz, repurposes as built-in storage. Read More >>


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