Your Tastebuds, Not the Food, are to Blame for the Bad Taste of Airplane Meals

Airplane food tastes disgusting. Or does it? New research into food served at 35,000 feet suggests that it is changes in the way that our tastebuds work while flying, not the food itself, that's to blame for crummy-tasting meals. Read More >>

Fly to Space and Back With Virgin for £150,000 With Your "Totally Reasonable" Deal of the Day

It isn't everyday we give you lot the opportunity to go into space, but today is different. We've found a deal that, provided you have the money, could see you floating around in zero gravity. Read More >>

Take the Family on an 8-Night Holiday in Portugal With Your "£93 Per Person" Deal of the Day

Portugal! Famed for nice weather, footballing celebrities, Madeira cake, port and being near Spain; it is a fine place to go on holiday and marvel at the fact that the shops sell Lays crisps rather than Walkers. What are they? Barbarians or something? Read More >>

Jet-Off to Kenya for £479pp With Your "Sun, Sand and Safari" Deal of the Day

Do you like going on holiday but are sick of Europe? If so, and you like trying to sleep in stifling heat, sweating all the suntan oil out of your skin on white bedsheets that have been tucked in so forcibly that you dislocate your shoulder trying to loosen them? Read More >>

TfL Website Gets a Google Maps-Infused Facelift

Considering eight million people use it monthly, the Transport for London website has been long overdue a makeover -- it was clunky, ugly, and sometimes downright confusing as to showing users the best transport options for trips around the capital. A significant redesign of the service launches today, and it's instantly a zillion times more useable than what went before it. Read More >>

A New Geo-Tagged Storytelling Site Might be the Ultimate Travel Tool

How do we discover new cities to visit? How do we remember where we've been? With all the tools at our fingertips, I'd still argue it's actually not all that easy. Hi, which just opened to the public today, is a beautifully designed way to find, share, and tell stories about places. Read More >>

Meet the People Who Would Take a One-Way Trip to Mars

Mars One, the programme that is planning to create a human settlement on Mars by 2024, has received over 200,000 applications of Earthlings who are interested in leaving their home planet forever by taking a one-way ticket to Mars. This short documentary examines a few of those people's motivation to leave everything behind. Read More >>

A Half-Price Rail Travelcard is Your "All Aboard!" Deal of the Day

Riding the rails. It is so romantic isn't it? Whisking your way through the countryside on a train that smells like egg butties, next to a weirdo drinking cans of lager at half eleven in the morning. Trains, glorious trains! Read More >>

Your Next Scuba Destination is an Entire Drowned City in China

An entire drowned city has become the world's most mind-boggling scuba-diving attraction. Consider booking a trip to Qiandao Lake, China, where you can wreck-dive a 1,800 year old flooded metropolis. Read More >>

A Single Night of Sex on This Luxury Hotel Submarine Costs £175,000

Well here's a new option for the wealthy tourist who has seen it all. No, it's not a trip to space or a floating hotel room. It's a luxury submarine—an underwater palace fit for a Bond villain that can be yours for the weekend, but it will set you back a pretty penny. Read More >>

Toy Story Woody Doll's Tiny Toy Gun Confiscated by Heathrow Security

Just a few days ago, Heathrow Airport security successfully disarmed Woody of Toy Story fame; confiscating his 2.5cm, pistol-shaped piece of plastic, ensuring a safer tomorrow in the process. Read More >>

Keep Track of Your World Travels on This Cork-Covered Globe

Great news for globetrotters who like to impress their friends with their travels: Now, instead of having to sacrifice a big chunk of wall space for a giant map covered in pins, they can downsize to this clever and compact cork-covered globe. Read More >>

Bad Rooms on the New Royal Caribbean Ship Come With Virtual Balconies

Hey there, world traveller. Say you want to go on a cruise but can't afford a fancy oceanfront room on the Empress deck. No big deal! Royal Caribbean's got you covered. Read More >>

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20 Awesome Stickers From When Your Suitcase Told Stories

There was a time when well-traveled luggage looked like the suitcase above: covered with travel stickers, trophies of every adventurous explorer. My father, who spent his youth traveling across Europe in the 60s and 70s kept his weary suitcase for a long time; as a child, I admired all those well-aged little pictures of remote hotels and places I'd never been to. Read More >>

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Tourism via Jet Fighter is a Great Business Idea

Anyone got a jet fighter going spare? Check out this stunning scenery in Norway during a flyover by the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Surely anyone would pay good money to experience this for themselves. Read More >>

Google Wants Adverts That Book You a Taxi Straight to the Shop

Google has filed a patent for an advertising system that lets shops provide transport for customers, demonstrating an ad that blinks away with the offer of a free ride to tempt people into clicking an advert on purpose for once. Read More >>


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