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Travelling Around the World with Skype Actually Looks Kind of Fun

Sure, we would all love to travel around the world and do stuff but then life, work, money and excuses get in the way. So why not try to do what comedian Mark Malkoff did? He Skyped with 162 different countries, traveling the world with technology. And though that sounds horrifying in that you have to talk to that many strangers, it's actually pretty fantastic to hear everybody's story and heart warming to see high fives across continents, scary faces made at the same time and the view of other people's life. Even learning languages looks fun. Oh yeah, Malkoff even Skyped with North Korea! [Mark Malkoff] Read More >>

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What Travelling to Every Country in the World Looks Like in 4 Minutes

This is insane. Well only insane because I'm insanely jealous of amazing world crusader Graham Hughes. Hughes travelled to all 201 countries in the world plus 15 assorted territories without even flying. Even better, Hughes recorded a quick video of every single country he visited so we can all see what it's like to truly travel the entire world in 4 minutes. Read More >>

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Portable Presents for the Frequent Traveler

It's amazing that you can travel thousands upon thousands of miles in a single day. But that doesn't mean it's always fun to do—and if your job requires you to travel all the time, the strain can become unbearable. But having the right gear can really make this mobile lifestyle a little less hectic. Read More >>

This Hydrating Rucksack Is Your Wilderness-Exploring-Gear Deal Of The Day

Yes, we're all keen walkers here aren't we? Striding around the countryside, up hills and down dales, wandering hither and yonder and only occasionally breaking an ankle by falling down a well-hidden rabbit hole. Oh. Shame. Read More >>

How Olympic Pole Vaulters Travel with Their Gigantic Poles

You would think that if you were an Olympic athlete, you could fleet through airport security, fly on a G6 and walk on clouds til you reach the Olympic Park. Not exactly true! For pole vaulters, it's a pain in the arse to travel because of, well, their gigantic poles. Read More >>


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