A Clip-On Motion Sensor That Lets You Read While Running

It's basically the exact same idea as the Purdue system, but it appears to be a lot more refined. The compact sensor tracks the up and down movements of a runner, and transmits them via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS reading app which subtly moves the text they're reading in sync with their motions. Read More >>

Oculus Rift + Multi-Directional Treadmill = Future of Games

The bonkers video embedded above shows one possible future for video games, in which the speed of your armoured space marine is tied in to how fast you are at running. It's the amazing 3D-PC-gaming-system Oculus Rift teamed with a 360-degree treadmill. It's killing pretend people made into a healthy leisure activity. Read More >>

This Bobbing Display Lets You Read While Running On a Treadmill

There's a recent fitness trend that sees people switching from a traditional desk to working on a treadmill to maximize their physical activity. The problem is that at anything more vigorous than a casual stride, it's difficult to read a static display while on a treadmill. At least until researchers at Purdue University commercialise their new ReadingMate system. Read More >>

I Can't Stop Watching This Coin Rolling on a Treadmill

A man named Parker Reed has uploaded an hour-long video of a coin rolling on a treadmill. You're skeptical. It's okay. I was too. But then I started watching, and I haven't yet been able to stop. You won't be either. Read More >>

Finally, a Way To Make Virtual Reality Even Lamer

Standing around in an awkward set of motion tracking video goggles while tethered a computer makes virtual reality feel anything but real. You need to be able to move around to really get the virtual experience, which this bizarre sliding platform lets you do—kind of. Read More >>


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