Scientists Genetically Modified Trees So They Can Make Greener Paper

Wood scientists just announced an exciting breakthrough in tree research. They've come up with a way to make more environmentally friendly paper—by genetically modifying trees. And it's not just the paper industry that will benefit. Read More >>

Eight Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around Them

Architecture has a rich history of unapologetically demanding massive amounts of land to create man's vision over nature's. However, a more conscientious and natural approach to architecture has emerged to quell our territorial imperialism over mother nature. It's about time. Read More >>

Eavesdropping on the Secret Sounds of Trees

What if we could identify plants not by sight but by sound? It's not entirely fanciful: every plant makes a unique set of sounds—an auditory signature, if you will—influenced by its physiology. But these sounds, usually in the ultrasonic range, are not for our ears. Read More >>

Who Needs an Axe When This Wood Stove Swallows Tree Trunks Whole?

You've already gone to all the trouble of felling a tree and cleaning off the branches. Who wants to spend even more time hacking it into useable chunks of firewood? That inconvenience is clearly what inspired designers Michiel Martens and Roel de Boer to create the Spruce Stove, a wood burning heater that swallows trees whole. Read More >>

Scientists Discover Gold Literally Growing on Trees in the Outback

Every parent's favorite line about how money doesn't grow on trees just became a little more irrelevant, thanks to a fascinating find down under. Researchers in Australia recently found gold—yes, real gold—in eucalyptus trees growing in the outback. Read More >>

How Computer Scientists Make Programs Efficient Using Upside Down Trees

How do people manage to write the neatest, most compact code to make programs super-small and lightweight? Well, there are many ways, but one of the most common is to use trees. Upside down trees, to be precise. Read More >>

This Nonprofit Is Quietly Cloning the World's Largest (and Oldest) Trees

The 2,500-year-old Ankerwycke Yew, which sits near a medieval nunnery in Southern England, has borne witness to some serious history. It shaded the King of England during the signing of the Magna Carta. It was a favourite meeting spot of Anne Boleyn and King Henry. And it’s likely going to see a whole lot more, after the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive finishes cloning it. Read More >>

Woodland Sculptures Recreate the Moment Felled Trees Hit the Ground

You could see Philippe Handford's weird tree sculptures as somber reflections on life and the natural world and blah blah blah trees are alive, man. That's fair, but really, this art is kind of funny too. Read More >>

Is There a Limit to How Tall a Tree Can Grow?

It seems like the towering Oaks across Britain could grow to the edge of space, had they enough time. But it turns out that's not the case. Like with the enormous skyscrapers man has built, trees can only grow so high because of the logistics imposed by gravity. Read More >>

The Mathematical Formula For the Perfectly Decorated Christmas Tree

It turns out that decorating your Christmas tree isn't necessarily all about taste. Mathematicians at the University of Sheffield have developed a formula for the perfect way to deck the halls. More specifically, what ratio of ornaments to lights to tinsel will make your tree most aesthetically pleasing. Read More >>

We're Using Way More Paper Than We Ever Have Before

Apparently human beings are still Tree Enemy Number One, sneaking past beavers and termites. In fact, if you are reading this in Britain, you personally killed 4.48 40-foot trees last year thanks to all of your paper usage. But don't feel too bad: Belgians consumed a whopping 8.5 trees per person, which is like taking four Rockefeller Center Christmas trees and setting them on fire. Read More >>

British Artist Builds a Forest of PVC Trees

This light-dappled glen of pale trees isn't a scene out of the next Avatar flick;it's an awe-inspiring stand of plastic Cherry trees created by designer Tom Price. Read More >>


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