Julian Assange Probably Won't Get Done by the US for Publishing Secrets on Wikileaks

The US Justice Department has said it's unlikely to push charges against Julian Assange for publishing leaked documents, as the freedom of speech laws that protect journalists also happen to cover Assange's Wikileaks enterprise. Read More >>

BT's Vision IPTV Trial Gets Anonymously Poked and Prodded -- Is This the Future of TV?

BT's currently trialling a complete revamp of its Vision TV service, moulding it into the next evolution of television, IPTV. While the likes of you or I won't get our hands on it for a while, an anonymous tipster was kind enough to clue us in on what it's like. Will IPTV really revolutionise TV in the UK? Read More >>

apple vs samsung
Samsung vs. Apple Verdict: Apple Wins Huge

We've been watching Apple and Samsung hammer each other for what feels like eons over who ripped off whom. And now the jury is in (shockingly soon): Samsung just lost almost everything. Read More >>

Samsung Challenges Apple Pinch-to-Zoom Patent With 2001 Tech

As the courtroom battles continue, Samsung yesterday went for Apple by arguing that several iOS-wide UI features were actually developed well before the iPhone came into existence. Read More >>

Oracle v. Google Juror: 'Wanted Steak. Got Parsley'

Jury duty! The worst. Civic duty? Oh please. And since we can't avoid serving, it better be good. One unnamed juror from the high-profile Oracle v. Google case was described by Jury Foreman Greg Thompson, 52, as dissatisfied with Oracle uber-lawyer David Boies's attempts to prove Google had infringed on both its patents and its copyrights in building the Android mobile OS. Read More >>

How to Make Sure Someone Will Buy Your App

Chocolat, a text editor for Mac, offers its users a free trial before asking users to buy its app. After the free trial is over, you can still use the app but... it'll display everything in Comic Sans. You win Chocolat. [Chocolat via @jakemarsh via Stellar] Read More >>

Some of O2's 4G Trialists Sucked Down 200GB in a Month

O2 has released some details of the 4G trial it's been running in parts of London for the last few months, revealing that speeds maxed out at around 150Mbps -- and some 4G testers really took the piss with their downloads. Good work. Read More >>

Virgin Media Jumps on the 4G Urban-Trial Bandwagon

Having set up what can only be described as the most puny 4G trial ever last month, it’s back with a load of fibre-connected small cells trialling the sweet blazing speeds of LTE in urban areas. Read More >>

This Guy Is In Jail For Using Facebook to Skip Jury Duty

If you are a juror and you try to use Facebook to contact a defendant, you will get be dismissed. And if you're an imbecile like the guy in this photo, then you will get in jail. Read More >>

Virgin Media Dips Its Toe Into the Sweet 4G Waters and Looks at Diving Right In

Virgin is apparently mulling over the idea of joining the 4G race with the likes of O2, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone, and Three. If Virgin jumps on board, we could see some real price competition, because 4G’s not going to be cheap when it eventually arrives. Read More >>


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