There's an Apple Bitcoin Prank That's Hilarious and Devastating

General piece of advice: don't go around typing stuff into your computer's terminal window based on some pictures you found randomly floating on the internet. You're not very likely to unlock a hidden bitcoin miner in your Mac, and far more likely to brick the thing instead. Read More >>

10 Reasons to Wish You Had an Endless Supply of Liquid Nitrogen

In a perfect world, all taps have three knobs: hot, cold, and liquid nitrogen. We're not there (yet!) but these ten little party tricks from The King of Random are the perfect reason to wish we were. Read More >>

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Eight Everyday Products That You're Totally Using Wrong

It's the little things, really. The little things that slightly annoy you, that hover and buzz around you to make you a little less patient and a little more cranky. And when you're feeling a little off, little problems snowball into big problems and you're wondering why the hell you're screaming at your co-worker for no good reason. So solve the little things. Here are eight ways to fix a few little problems and change the way you use everyday products. [BuzzFeed Video] Read More >>

How an Engineer Earned 1.25 Million Air Miles By Buying Chocolate Desserts

Air Miles are one of the greatest inventions ever: they can be used to score free flights, hotel stays and if you’re really lucky, the scorn and hatred of everyone you come in contact with who has to pay full price when they travel. The king of all virtually free travelers is one David Phillips, a civil engineer who teaches at the University of California, Davis. Read More >>

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These People Thought the iPad Mini Was the New iPhone

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book, but Jimmy Kimmel gave people on the street the iPad Mini and told them it was the new iPhone. Naturally, these poor, unsuspecting folks bought it hook, line, and sinker. Read More >>

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How to Make a Paper Airplane Fly Forever

The trick to make a paper aeroplane fly forever isn't in the quality of the paper or the intricacy of the folding, it's in using an electric cooker to keep the paper aeroplane afloat in constant motion. Read More >>

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This Levitating Matchstick Trick Is a Great Excuse to Play With Fire

Need an excuse to go play with matches? Too bad, you're getting one anyway. Turns out if you place a couple matches up against each other just right and then light them on fire (duh), you can actually perform a crazy little levitation trick! Read More >>

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10 Tricky Bar Bets You'll Never Ever Lose

If you haven't already alienated all your friends, coworkers, and enemies by conning them out of their hard-earned dignity with tricky bar bets already, here's another batch to make you reconsider. The unstoppable Richard Wiseman is back with another dollop of unloseable bets from his seemingly endless bag. Read More >>

This Terrifying Lightning Storm Is a Masterful, Miniature Fake

If you want to get a good shot of lightning, it helps to have an amazing sense of timing. Barring that, you could just fake it by creating an entire miniature lightning storm that looks impossibly real, and shooting that instead. Same difference. Read More >>

You've Been Peeling Oranges All Wrong

Oranges are tasty little nuggets of refreshing sweetness that are just begging to be eaten. But peeling them, well, it can be both a messy and tedious affair. That is, unless you peel them like this into a work of delicious art. Amazing. Read More >>

What Are Your Hottest Tips For Browsing the Web Like a Boss?

With Google Reader finally dead and gone, it seems like as good a time as any to rethink the way we all look at the web. There's a whole wealth of browsers and widgets and apps and extensions out there that will try to alter your browsing experience. Some of them will change your life, other's won't. Read More >>

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10 Bar Bets You'll Never Lose (But Might Get You Punched in the Face)

Gambling might be risky, but not if you know you're going to win. Then it's just free money. If that sounds up your alley, conman extraordinaire Richard Wiseman has yet another set of "bets" for you to try out on your friends. The ones that won't assault when they get wise to what you're up to, anyway. Read More >>

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How to Make a Better Sand Castle That Can Hold the Weight of a Human

Here's a relatively useless yet undoubtedly impressive trick you can pull the next time you go to the beach: make a sand castle that's so unbelievably sturdy that it can hold up an entire person. Seriously. What's it take? Read More >>

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Who Knew People Could Jump Rope Like This?

You've probably been impressed with playground kids jumping rope (or is it jump roping?). You've already seen boxers whip the jump rope fast enough to create a wormhole. But you've never seen a person jump rope like this. This woman is absolutely incredible. Read More >>

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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Spotify Master

The digital music revolution continues at a frenetic pace — we'd only just turned in our CDs for MP3s when streaming services came along to upturn the apple cart again. There are now a whole host of streaming apps to choose from, but the original pioneer Spotify remains the biggest and the most well-known. Read More >>

Sidewall Skiing the Hot New Thing With Saudi Arabia's Bored Youth

You know how the heat drives you mad? Makes you all itchy and impulsive? That's the only explanation for the trend known as sidewall skiing, which sees bored youths flipping their vehicles onto two wheels then standing on the sides. Read More >>


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