Jay-Z's Pirated Magna Carta Holy Grail App Is Full of Trojans

It's the 4th of July, which means the US is on holiday. Something about breaking away from a really great country. Anyway, it's also the day when legions of eager Samsung-using Jay Zed fans manage to get their mitts on his new album early. Thing is, pirates have already been there, done that, and gotten the malware-infused T-shirt. Read More >>

Terrifying Android Malware Hacks Your PC and then Eavesdrops On You With Its Microphone

It's one thing when malware attacks your phone, but it's another when that same malware hops over to your PC, and then uses it to listen in on all your conversations on top of just messing with your phone. A newly discovered Android app — one that's in the Google Play store — can do just that. Beware. Read More >>

First Drive-By Malware Sites Discovered for Android

As more and more traffic moves from the desktop to mobile devices, malware has closely followed it. Now, an Internet security firm has discovered the first websites designed specifically to infect Android devices that visit the page with malware. Read More >>

Oxford University: We've Been Overwhelmed By Mac Malware

Looks like all that Mac malware that's been taking the internet by storm is causing serious havoc for administrators. Network security staff from Oxford University have been "somewhat overwhelmed" by the Flashback Trojan on a "windows scale", plus they reckon Apple's "making minimal effort" to help them out. The bad news as there's even more Mac malware in the wild too. Read More >>

Want to Make a Tonne of Cash Quick? Write a Mac-Targeting Trojan

If you’ve ever wondered why people write malware, it’s just like anything else – it’s all about the money. Symantec has worked out that the evil-doing bottom-feeders behind that nasty Flashback Trojan, which caught the Mac world with its pants down, were raking in around £6,000 a day – that’s premiership footballer-money. Read More >>

Another Day, Another Flashback Variant

For those Mac users who still haven't taken the hint and updated their systems' security (all, what, 140,000 of you?), here's yet another version of the Flashback Trojan for you to enjoy. Read More >>

70,000 Users May Have Downloaded an Android "Trojan"

The latest case of an anti-virus company trying to get users to panic about Android's security features comes via McAfee, which says it believes 70,000 Android owners may have downloaded a "trojan" that made it through Google's filters and out onto the Play Store. Read More >>

Better Late than Never, Apple Fixes Flashback Vulnerability

As promised, Apple rolled out a Java update today designed to combat the Flashback infection afflicting some 600,000 Mac users. Read More >>

The Easiest Way To Check For And Remove the Mac Flashback Trojan

The Flashback trojan has infected more than half a million Macs (and counting!). But until now, detecting it and removing it hasn't been dead simple. Read More >>

Can't Wait For Apple to Get Rid of That Pesky Flashback Trojan? Grab a Free Removal Tool Now

Apple’s apparently working on a counter-attack against that Flashback Trojan that’s plaguing Macs everywhere, but who knows how long Cupertino is going to take to launch its assault. If you’re not too keen on poking around in your system for a manual removal, Kaspersky’s got a free Flashback removal tool up for grabs that’ll do it all for you. Read More >>

Apple's Working on a Flashback Counter-Attack

Apple announced today that it is hard at work, developing a means of scrubbing the Flashback.k Trojan from the 600,000 or so Macs it's infected. Read More >>

Mac Flashback Trojan: Find Out If You're One of the 600,000 Infected

There's a new Mac trojan that's been floating around, and it's terrifying everyone. It's written in an unknown language, doesn't even need your password to compromise you, and now it's apparently infected 600,000 users. Here's how to use Terminal to check if you're one of the unlucky many. Read More >>

Macs Do Have a Virus Problem -- 600,000 Botnet Infections Discovered

Russian security experts are claiming to have discovered a massive Mac-based botnet ring, which is believed to consist of around 600,000 infected computers running OS X. Read More >>

New Flashback Trojan Variant Doesn't Need A Password to Infect Your Mac

The Flashback Trojan is proving to be a very agile bit of code. It's mutated several times since it was initially discovered last year, and its newest iteration will let itself onto your system with or without your permission. Read More >>

There's a New Version of the Stuxnet-esque Duqu Trojan Floating Around and Nobody Knows What It Does

A newly surfaced version of the Duqu trojan indicates that the authors of one of the most sophisticated computer worms in recent memory are aggressively trying to figure out how to attack their next target. Read More >>

Whoever Wrote the Duqu Trojan's Framework Wrote It in an Unknown Programming Language

The Duqu Trojan is one nasty piece of code, rivaled in sophistication only by its relative, the Stuxnet Worm. A new analysis of the Trojan, however, has revealed just how advanced it really is. Read More >>


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