Two Year Jail Term Planned for Convicted Cyber Bullies

The government is looking at ways to throw heavier books at those convicted of internet bullying and "troll" behaviour, with one option seeing online and SMS abusers facing a maximum two-years in jail. Where the mobile phones are very small and not very much fun. Read More >>

google maps
It's Ridiculously Easy to Troll Google Maps With Fake Listings

Trust the listings you find on Google Maps? You shouldn't, because it's easy to fake them. That's what Google Maps exploiter Bryan Seely demonstrated for me. And while trolling politicians with dick jokes is never not funny, there's also a whole sub-community of scammers turning Google Map's little bugs into cold, hard cash. Read More >>

Why Hollywood Hacking is So Hilariously Horrible

The hacking scenes in House of Cards are wildly unrealistic. They're everything from infuriating to hilarious, but they are definitely not surprising. It turns out, though, that this long tradition of portraying hacking horribly, horribly wrong in TV and film is often intentional. Read More >>

Science Reveals Everything You've Ever Wondered About Swearing on Twitter

The most popular curse word is fuck, which covers 34.73% of all the curse word occurrences, followed by shit (15.04%), ass (14.48%), bitch (10.34%), nigga (9.68%), hell (4.46%), whore (1.82%), dick (1.67%), piss (1.53%), and pussy (1.16%). Read More >>

"Sadistic Glee" is the Reason We Like Being Mean on the Internet

A group of researchers believes online "trolls" and real-world sadists have quite a lot in common, with today's anonymous online hatemongers getting satisfaction from causing other people to suffer in a similar fashion to proper sadists. Read More >>

Woman Jailed for Trolling Herself on Facebook

24-year-old Michelle Chapman came up with a seemingly bulletproof revenge plan. She created Facebook accounts for relatives she hated, then sent herself violent abuse messages from those accounts in an attempt to frame them. Didn't work. Now she's in prison. Read More >>

Stan Collymore Accuses Twitter of Putting Profits Before Morals Over Racism Row

Internet trolls; whether on message boards, social media sites or even in online games, we've all faced them. But are the owners of web services really doing enough to stamp them out? After receiving a barrage of racist abuse and even death threats, ex-footballer Stan Collymore has called out Twitter as preferring to protect its bank balance rather than its users. Read More >>

The Best Way to Troll Someone Who Just Got Laser Eye Surgery

Here's a screenshot from a Reddit user giving a course in Advanced Trolling Theory. Read More >>

Pigeon Head People Spotted on Street View Japan

That photo there is live on Google Street View, and is the sort of thing that happens in Japan when people hear the Street View car is doing the rounds and capturing panoramas in their town. Read More >>

Texting People Who Leave Their Numbers in Public Is Both Awful and Great

Trolls are the worst, but funny trolls are shake-your-head enjoyable. You can't help but appreciate their mastery of their craft. Textastrophe is the perfect example of that. He texts people who leave their numbers in public and weaves an epic conversation that makes clowns, bouncy castle renters, movers and other poor innocent bystanders regret ever putting their number out. Read More >>

What Exactly is Trolling?

If you've traveled around the circuit track of the Internet a couple of times, you've heard about trolls trolling. What does that mean? For the Internet unfamiliar, it's basically a bunch of not so lovely online folks who post stuff to get people angry. The latest video from PBS Off Book explains trolling, cyber bulling and how freedom of speech works on the Internet. Read More >>

Trolls Now Bring More Patent Cases Than Anybody Else

A new study proves what most of us expected: these days, more patent cases are brought about by patent trolls than any other party. Read More >>

Facebook "Troll" Outed as 32-Year-Old... Policeman

The nasty man who launched a staggeringly wide-ranging series of attacks on Nicola Brookes through Facebook has been identified, with police revealing the crazed social stalker is a copper from Birmingham. Read More >>

how to
How to Mega-Troll Your Friends with iPhone Emoji

Gizmodo loves emoji more than we love some of our own family members and/or sexual partners—sometimes, it's just the best (or only) way to express yourself. But there's a dark side to emoji—they can be weaponised. Let's troll. Read More >>

Soon Internet Trolls Won't Be Able to Hide Anymore

Finally, we might actually be able to do something about the scourge of internet trolls. At least one person is taking the fight to them, but the government wants to help now too. It's putting powers in place to unmask and prosecute trolling fiends. Read More >>

That New "Donda Media" Site Is Fake As Hell

Everyone's chattering about, the new site claiming to be from Kanye West's insane tech startup Donda. By everybody, I mean The Washington Post and Twitter, which went bezerker over it, and, well, us. But Oh come on, now. If this ain't a hoax, I'll eat Kanye's doo-doo. Read More >>


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