Outed Reddit Perv Sacked and Now Advertising for Coder Work

Instead of laying low for a bit, maybe changing his name, growing a beard and moving house, hugely perverted Reddit superstar Violentacrez is now using the social site to advertise his skills as an available Perl coder. Read More >>

How Porno Downloaders Are Shamed into Paying Cash to Keep Their Names Clean

You don't pay for porn. That's a problem for pornographers, but aces for porno copyright trolls like John Steele, attorney at law. Buzzfeed took a deep look into how they squeeze money out of porn torrenting cases, whether you downloaded anything or not. Read More >>

Police Chief: Celebrity Abuse Is Twitter's Problem, Not the Law's

Re-enforcing what quite a lot of people have been saying, a police chief from Cumbria has said that, no, we don't need new laws to tackle trolls and that more "common sense" is needed, as well as action from Twitter itself. Basically, it's Twitter's problem. Read More >>

Helen Skelton Quits Twitter Over Torrent of Abuse -- Is This the Start of a Celebrity Mass Exodus?

We heard how Tom Daley got a load of abuse, then other Team GB members, but now we're hearing more and more about the abuse people get on Twitter. Next up is Blue Peter's Helen Skelton, who's also doing some Olympic TV work; she's quit Twitter over some horrendous trolling, while Kirstie Allsopp has a fight on her hands too. Does this mark the beginnings of a celebrity Twitter mass walkout, and will that bring Twitter crashing down? Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 5

Yes! Finally! We've won not one, but two whole gold medal events. But that's not all that's been happening in a day of Lolympics. Good ol'Boris, hilariously, got stuck hanging from a zip-line waving flags, while Beats actually managed to beat the Olympic brand police. Eight badminton players also got caught fixing matches and banned, and you can now see what could happen to your legs as a cyclist (it's not pretty). Read More >>

Tom Daley Wasn't the Only One to Get a Torrent of Twitter Abuse On Team GB

Tom Daley hit the headlines yesterday over the arrest of a teenager, who sent him some pretty horrific abuse. It seems Twitter's got a bit of a problem on its hands, as it wasn't just Daley getting the hate, loads of Team GB have been targeted. Read More >>

The US Government Unleashes the Wrath of Internet Trolls on Al-Qaeda

It's invaded their countries, used deadly, invisible drones to blow them up and killed their leader, but now the US is really gonna hit Al-Qaeda where it hurts -- the internet forums. I can hear them quaking in their bomb-filled boots from here. Read More >>

When Applying for a Tech Job, Don't Be a Racist Arsehole

Justin Ching works on different tech-related products around the silicon valley, including at Google, and needed a web designer. He interviewed David Bernett, and kept him in consideration for the position afterwards. Then Bernett sent him a horribly racist email, invoking Asian slurs, for reasons unknown to all other parties involved. Read More >>

Smart Shows You Precisely How to Deal With Twitter Trolls Using Bird Poop

Let's be fair, the Smart Car isn't the biggest or manliest car around, but when someone attempts to crap on it, Smart replies with hilarious, spot-on science. That's the way to fight your corner, with pure piss-taking poop facts. Read More >>

Soon Internet Trolls Won't Be Able to Hide Anymore

Finally, we might actually be able to do something about the scourge of internet trolls. At least one person is taking the fight to them, but the government wants to help now too. It's putting powers in place to unmask and prosecute trolling fiends. Read More >>

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A Musical Thank You Note to the Racists, Misogynists, and Scumbags of the Internet

The rubbish dump of internet commenting can destroy your faith in humanity real fast, but really, the trolls are just trying to be helpful! Here is a thank you card to all the haters. Read More >>

Facebook Ordered to Unmask Internet Trolls

Internet trolls are a sad reflection of human society let lose on the internet. They spread their bile behind the protection of anonymity, and can follow you anywhere on the internet and out on the street. Now one woman is taking the fight to back to them; she has a court order forcing Facebook to unmask the vile hate mongers. Read More >>

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Our New Favourite Troll High-Fives Tourists Pretending to Hold Up the Leaning Tower of Pisa

In this video Darius Groza takes advantage of tourists taking forced-perspective photos of themselves propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa by running up and giving them high fives when they're not looking: Brilliant. Read More >>

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The BBC Shows You What an Internet Troll Looks Like In Real Life

We all suffer trolls badly; some of us are even guilty of a bit of trolling ourselves. But have you ever wondered what they look like in real life? Wonder no more -- the BBC managed to track down the prolific Nimrod Severn and confronted him for Panorama. Read More >>


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