This Oculus Rift-Powered Light Cycle Sim is the Ultimate Arcade Game

The Oculus Rift hasn't even made it out of beta testing and it's already changing the world for the better—at least for one dedicated developer. He's integrated one into an incredible, full-scale Tron: Legacy light cycle replica. Strap on a headset and hop aboard, we're going racing. Read More >>

Tron Blu-ray Box-Set is Your "Cheap as Two Packs of Mince Pies" Deal of the Day

The best thing about the Tron films is that they dispatched with the most pointless bit of any movie -- the plot. Basically, when you have cool speeder bikes that have fancy lights on them; a discus that can take your head off, and a load of wonky synth music, the last thing you want is anything that requires emotional investment. Read More >>

A Tron-Bike Flash Drive and a Pen Bow and Arrow Are Your Office-Boredom-Nullifying Deals of the Day

It's fair to say that novelty items make the world go round. Without quirky, smile-provoking products, experts reckon that there'd be 74 per cent more wars everywhere. Read More >>

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Night Skiing with Light Suits Is Like Being in Tron for the Winter

Inspired by night surfers wearing LEDs, Switchback Entertainment made this video for Salomon Freeski TV showing skiers wearing their own light suits. Strapped with EL-wire on their bodies, the skiers slalom down the powder covered mountain like it's The Grid. Awesome. Read More >>

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The New Robocop Reboot Looks More Like Batman Mixed With Tron

The first shot of the Robocop reboot's hero has been snapped, showing Joel Kinnaman kitted up in an all black robo-suit that looks more like Batman dumped into a Tron-visored world, rather than Robocop of old. Read More >>

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Los Angeles Is Tron's World

You can argue that using a Daft Punk soundtrack would make any timelapse of any city to look like Tron's world. But no, Tron's world clearly has to be Los Angeles, with its never ending traffic flow zooming through its infinite grid of light. Watch till the end and you will see what I mean. [Thanks Jordan!] Read More >>

Here's a Fully Working Tron Light Cycle You Can Actually Buy For Charity

Ever since watching Tron Legacy, I’ve had a deep-seated craving for one of those awesome light cycles. We saw they were being produced last year, but now one’s up for auction for just £14,455 currently, and it’s for charity too. Read More >>

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Tron's Derezzed Played On Floppy Drives Is a Retro Audiogasm

How do you make an incredibly cool piece of music even cooler? Play it back on ol' fashioned tech, that's how. It certainly works for this version of Derezzed. Read More >>

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Does Anyone Else Think These Light-Up Surfboards Are an Awesomely Bad Idea?

Watching surfers with glow in the dark wetsuits surf on their light-up neon surfboards in the complete dark is a visual mind bender. It's also completely crazy 'cos uh... SHARKKKKSS? Could you paint a bigger target on yourself than BRIGHT LIGHTS ALL OVER YOUR BODY?! Read More >>

Here's an Electric Tron Light Cycle You Can Actually Buy

If there's one thing cooler than riding a motorcycle, it's riding a Tron: Legacy Light Cycle. Now you can, and without harming the environment. Read More >>

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Hard Lines for Android: Snake Rogers in the 25th Century

Everyone and their aunt has played Snake, right? It came standard on most Nokia phones (it probably still does), a bare-bones monochromatic puzzler that involved stopping a greedy snake from bashing into its own tail. It was boring as all hell, and the only thing it was good for was... Well, not much actually. Read More >>


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