How Many of These Vehicles Do You Recognise From Famous Films?

Famous vehicles in movies and TV shows are just as much a character to the story as the actors and actresses. If Batman drove a Volvo or Marty McFly time travelled in a Toyota, it just wouldn't be the same. They're iconic. So how many of these vehicles do you recognise? Read More >>

Breaking Bad Creator Admits That Illegal Downloads Helped the TV Show

Breaking Bad, a TV show permanently hung onto television's wall of fame, whipped itself from a critically acclaimed yet not exactly ratings dominant TV show into THE bizz-bizz-buzzy pop culture phenomenon of the year as the series raced to its end. How did it happen? According to Breaking Bad's creator Vince Gilligan, illegal downloads help. Read More >>

Netflix Might Give Us Another Season of Arrested Development

Though some people weren't as fanatical about Netflix's Season 4 of Arrested Development, I loved it (especially once it got rolling). So I'm ecstatic that Netflix is currently in talks to do another season of the show. As awesome as a movie has sounded in the past, more episodic puzzles in the name of Arrested Development is always a good thing. Read More >>

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Animated Series Star Wars Rebels Charting Events Between the Good Films and the Bad Ones

Star Wars Rebels is a new animated Star Wars series from Disney's newly acquired sci-fi cash cow, one set in the 20-year period between events in Return of the Jedi and whatever that rubbish one with Jar Jar Binks in it was called. You'll be able to see exactly what went wrong. Read More >>

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All the Fake Websites from Doctor Who Make Me Wish They Were Real

This mash-up video, made by Slacktory and edited by Debbie Saslaw, shows off all the fake websites and apps that pop up on Doctor Who. Can you imagine if we lived with such horrible websites in real life? We'd probably be a lot more productive! As an aside, seeing CRT monitors kind of hurts my soul. Those things were ridiculous. [Slacktory] Read More >>

A Mad Men-Style Show About NASA Would Be Totally Awesome

This needs to get made. Apparently the writers of Mad Men are pitching a new show based on NASA in its prime, looking at the halcyon days of the US space program through the eyes of the journalists that covered it. Yes, that would be awesome; make it happen. Read More >>

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Awesome Wife Recreates TV Show Opening Credits for Her Husband's Birthday Gift

Animator Leigh Lahav gave her husband Oren a wonderful birthday present that should warm your hearts: she recreated the opening credits of famous TV shows but remixed them to include all of his family and friends as cast members. If you watched a television in the past five years, you'll definitely enjoy this. Read More >>

Why the Hell Does Hulu Show Spoiler Commercials for the TV Show You're Watching?

Hulu, for all its good intentions and fairly solid stream quality, kind of sucks. It doesn't have enough TV shows, it doesn't have enough episodes, you still have to watch commercials even when you pay for Hulu Plus but worst of all, sometimes those commercials you're forced to sit through are about future episodes of the freaking TV show you're watching. Basically, if you watch Hulu, it's like being chained down to a chair for Spoiler Russian Roulette. Read More >>


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