BBC 'Does a Netflix' With Early iPlayer Release of Entire Series of Chris Lilley's New Show

Netflix does it, Amazon Instant Video does it, and now the BBC will be doing it too thanks to its iPlayer service. The Beeb will be showing all six episodes of comedian Chris Liley's new show Jonah From Tonga on iPlayer for 48 hours from Friday May 2nd, ahead of the show's weekly traditional TV schedule. You can hardly really call it a "catch-up" platform anymore, right? Read More >>

Sky Lets Viewers Watch or Record TV via Tweet Links

A really quite impressive new use for Twitter has been dreamed up by Sky, which uses links embedded in tweets to let subscribers fire up Sky Go or tell their Sky+ boxes to record a particular show. If all your accounts are logged in and linked up, it ought to just work right now with any tweets tagged #WatchOnSky. [Sky] Read More >>

Of Course People are Pirating Game of Thrones When it's This Bloody Expensive to Watch Legally

The lack of affordable legal ways to watch popular fantasy piece Game of Thrones is triggering a boom in piracy, with traditional broadcast networks using it as a tantalising reason for us to pay real money to stay up with the latest episodes. Read More >>

Zeebox Social TV App Becomes Beamly as Female-Focussed Redesign Rolls Out

Tweeting and telly watching go hand in hand these days, and leading the second-screen charge over the past two years has been Zeebox. Today, the app gets a significant redesign and with it a name change -- Zeebox is now Beamly. Read More >>

Holy Shit, a New David Attenborough Documentary is Coming to Oculus Rift

Facebook buying Oculus Rift was seen by some people as a huge blow to the future of the system, but now we have some news which'll make the odd virtual reality privacy intrusion worth its while: An upcoming David Attenborough documentary is being filmed specifically for the Oculus Rift. Read More >>

HBO Backing Game of Thrones Show for Another Two Years as it Speeds Through the Books

Brutal and sexy TV pantomime Game of Thrones will continue for at least another couple of years, thanks to network backer HBO ordering another two seasons of the show. So catch up on who's killing and sleeping with who and who's dead now, because it's not going anywhere. Read More >>

BT Sport Added to Chromecast's List of Throwable Streaming Stuff

Google UK has uploaded a new Chromecast advert to last-generation video war winner YouTube, showing all the exciting ways you can confuse the elderly by making what's on your phone magically appear on your TV without first spending 45 minutes looking for the right kind of wire. And BT Sport is the star of it. Read More >>

Oh Hey, Android TV Was All Over CES Three Months Ago

Google TV has been dead in the water for a while now, but rumour has it that a flashy new successor, Android TV, is on the way. These are rumours, but then there's also the fascinating truth that it was hiding in plain sight at CES three months ago. Read More >>

Why Roku Matters More Than Ever

You have more streaming TV options than you could hope for, especially now that Amazon has entered the fray. And while Apple TV, Chromecast, and Fire TV all have their strengths, they also share the same crippling weakness: self-interest. That's what makes Roku so important. Read More >>

Microsoft Has Six Original TV Series in Production

Amazon and Netflix are doing it in style, Yahoo's clamouring to join in, and now Bloomberg reports that Microsoft has at least six original series in production, too. Read More >>

Android TV is the New Google TV From Google

Not content with millions of Chromecast dongle sales, it now looks as though Google is preparing to take on the Apple TV, Roku range and newly-released Amazon Fire TV with a smart TV streaming platform of its own. The Verge has unearthed details of a new television offering called Android TV, which looks like Google's most pointed charge towards the living room since its doomed Google TV platform. Read More >>

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Here are Each of the 5,179 On-Screen Deaths in Game of Thrones

The best way to catch up with Game of Thrones before Season 4 starts? By watching this amazing supercut of every single on-screen death in the series so far. Made by Digg Video, it's a bloody gore-y mix of swords, spears, arrows, bare hands, etc. ripping apart flesh and ending human life. There's a total of 5,179 deaths in the series. Not that much, right? Read More >>

Game of Thrones Recapped With Emojis is Actually Pretty Damn Good

You could read the books. You could borrow your friend's Sky Go account to watch the show. You can spoil yourself by just existing on the internet. Or you can catch up with the last season of Game of Thrones through this surprisingly good recap. It covers the big happenings of Season 3—who boned, who died, who's alive—all through the medium of emojis. Read More >>

Amazon Fire TV Teardown: Rock Solid Guts but Expect Some Heat

So, you have your eyes on Amazon's shiny new streaming box, which may just be the fastest smart TV you've ever met. But what lurks beneath its sleek exterior? iFixit had a look inside. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer Shows Will be Available for 30 Days From the Summer

The seven-day limit on the BBC's iPlayer catch-up service is to be raised to 30 days from this summer, having finally had the extension approved by the BBC Trust. The Trust had to consider the "likely impact on audiences and on the market; the novelty and duration of proposals; and their financial implications," before approving the change. And probably the health effects of a month-long Eastenders marathon, too. [BBC] Read More >>

Amazon Fire TV Hands On: The Fastest Smart TV You've Ever Met

Amazon pitched its Fire TV as a streaming device to end all streaming devices. The company touted its simple and effective search, and its open ecosystem boasting enough apps to burn your eyes out. We spent some time messing with the Fire TV and found that for the most part, it makes good on those promises. Read More >>


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