Fire TV: Everything You Need to Know About Amazon's Streaming Box

Amazon has kicked off its arrival to the streaming party with the announcement of a new device called Fire TV to satisfy all your TV watching needs today at a popcorn-scented New York event. Here's everything you need to know about it: Read More >>

This Refresher Guide Re-Caps Game of Thrones in Spoiler-Free Detail Before Season 4 Kicks Off

US TV network HBO has had the web designers in, creating a staggering interactive guide that rips open every single episode of bizarre sex & death fantasy series Game of Thrones, as a refresher ahead of the arrival of series four a few days from now. Read More >>

Sky Preparing "Buy & Keep" Digital Downloads for Collector Market

If you still feel the need to express yourself via a collection of Hollywood movies, Sky's new Buy & Keep service is for you. It lets you "Buy" then "Keep" digital downloads of films (and TV box sets eventually), with a big selling point of a physical DVD copy for your mainstream media display shelf sent in the post when you buy digitally. It launches "in the coming weeks" says Sky, for a price as yet unannounced. Read More >>

What's Your Favourite Movie or TV Plot That Would be Obsolete Today?

Technology's so great. All this communication capability can put you in touch with your friends and family, no matter where in the world they are. Which blows a giant hole through most of the movie and TV plots written up until, say, the late 1990s. What's your favourite storyline that would never exist in a world with cell phones and internet? Read More >>

YouView Safe for a Further Five Years as BBC Pledges Continued Support

YouView's good to go for another five years after retaining the support and investment of all its major backers. Read More >>

Check the Popularity of Any TV Show Using This IMDb-Based Clever Tool

Ever wondered how long it took for The Wire to get popular? Or why Prison Break got cancelled when it did? This interactive data visualisation tool lets you mine all of IMDb's user ratings data to find out. Read More >>

Smartest Teacher Ever Threatens Unruly Pupils with Game of Thrones Spoilers

In my day, if you misbehaved in school it was an hour in the thumbscrews or lunchtime on the rack. These days, teachers dishing out the discipline have to be a bit more creative. One French maths teacher knew exactly how to hit disruptive students where it hurt -- with Game of Thrones spoilers. Read More >>

BBC Licence Fee Model in Trouble as Labour Backs Decriminalising Non-Payment

Sources inside the governmental world suggest that Labour MPs are in agreement with a proposal by the coalition to decriminalise non-payment of the Licence Fee, a move that some think may signal the end of the BBC due to making it less of a crime to not bother paying the UK's annual telly tax. Read More >>

Good News! Tivo Isn't Going Anywhere, Just Don't Expect Any Original Programming

Fan's of Virgin Media's Tivo service can rest easy, CEO Tom Mockridge has announced that the service isn't going anywhere. This news should ease fears that owners Liberty Global will force users of the service to move to Horizon, their own TV catch-up service of choice. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Movie Talks Accompany Multi Final Season Trailers

Season four of swords, boobs and dragons epic Game of Thrones kicks off stateside on HBO on April 6th, and the next day on UK shores courtesy of Sky Atlantic. The fourth and final teaser trailer is now out, but could the show end on the silver screen rather than on TV? Series creator George R.R. Martin hopes so. Read More >>

Digital Faffing About to Overtake TV Watching Time in 2014

Some analysts have been watching how much time you spend staring at various screens all day, forming the conclusion that mobile media consumption will eclipse TV viewing time this year. Apparently, a generic UK person will soon spend 3 hours 41 minutes a day on "digital" amusements, 34 minutes more than last year. Solo TV viewing, meanwhile, languishes at the 3 hours 15 minute a day mark. [Telegraph] Read More >>

Noel Edmonds Wants to "Save" the BBC by Buying it and Running it for Profit

Noel Edmonds has gone public with a top secret plan he calls "Project Reith," which would see the ageless bearded man heading a consortium that would BUY the BBC and turn it private, running the entire thing as a profit-making company. Read More >>

Flash New Sky Home Screen Rolls Out Today

Satellite TV subscribers who do their tellying through a relatively modern Sky+HD box will see Sky's all-new home screen layout appear today, with the refreshed EPG and its focus on on-demand services rolling out right now. Read More >>

WSJ: Amazon's Streaming Box Will Arrive Next Month

Amazon's much-rumoured video streaming device will go on sale in "early" April—on as well as through retailers, suggests the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Disney Channel Making its First UK Live Action TV in Cheshire Country Pile

The Disney Channel has employed Hollyoaks producer Lime Pictures to create its first live action show in the UK, with Evermoor set to be filmed at Arley Hall in Warrington. Shooting begins in April, with the nationality of the actor playing the key star of the trans-Atlantic production yet to be decided. Read More >>

The Fargo TV Show Looks Eerily Beautiful

If the first bunch of teaser trailers are anything to go by, the forthcoming Fargo TV show looks as though it'll be a treat for the eyes. I remember little these days about the original film: do you remember it looking this stunning? Read More >>


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