Pioneer TVs Returning to British High Street Through Dixons But No Sign of the Kuro

Spoken of in hushed, hallowed tones by home cinema enthusiasts, no TV range is as revered and highly sought after as Pioneer's discontinued Kuro plasma range. And now hopes of its revival have been lifted as the company announces its TVs will be coming back to the high street. Read More >>

LG Says "Everything Samsung Can Do, We Can Do Better" With Even Bigger Curved OLED UHD TV

Who said the Koreans don't love a good game of one-upmanship? After seeing Samsung's astoundingly good OLED UHD TV yesterday, and its existing curved OLED screens, LG's taken things a whole stage further with its insane, larger 77-inch curved OLED UHD TV. Chew on that, Samsung. Read More >>

Eyes-On With Samsung's OLED UHD TV of the Future

The combination of 4K resolution and OLED display technology sure makes for a potentially tasty concoction, and boy does it live up to its promise. It may be just a prototype, but Samsung's OLED UHD display is the most gorgeous TV I've ever seen. Read More >>

Sony Made the First Curved LED TV, and It's Worthy of Your Lust

Sony unveiled a mountain of new gear at its IFA press conference yesterday, but for whatever reason it decided to quietly slip this beauty out under all the noise. Comparable to the 55-inch OLED set that Samsung unveiled at CES, Sony's new 65-inch, 1080P, S990A is the first set to put a gentle curve on LED flatscreen technology. And since LED sets are pretty common these days, it means the S990A is available for pre-order in the US right now for just $4,000 (£2,600), and hopefully the UK too soon, compared to the £6,000 that Samsung wants for its curvy offering. Read More >>

LG Grabs Exclusive Sky Now App for Smart TVs

LG and Sky have come together to offer a pretty compelling reason to upgrade to one of LG's TVs, with an exclusive Sky Now app heading to LG's smart tellies this August. The app, which will be exclusive to LG for at least 12 months, is a sort of PAYG way in to Sky's sports and movies range, and therefore a great way of watching the odd Big Thing without paying for a proper sub. [LG] Read More >>

LG Laser TV Hands On: Your Wall's Not Worthy

With a massive Hecto-class 100-inch display, crystalline 1080p output, and Methuselan 25,000 hour bulb life, LG's sleek new Laser TV short throw projector gives us a lot to be excited about. It's a big, beautiful display, no two ways about it. Read More >>

LG Bringing its 4K TV Power to the UK

LG's sent us a press release packed with capital letters, informing us that its ULTRA HD NANO FULL LED Tru-ULTRA HD IPS TV sets will be hitting the UK. That's 4K resolution packed into in 55-inch and 65-inch models, in normal, lower-case speak. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Can do 4K Resolution if Developers Want it to

Just like the Xbox 360 gave people their first opportunity to see "content" delivered at 720p resolution, the Xbox One is opening the door to 4K displays. The new console is capable of outputting both 3D and 4K material, although it's unlikely any big-budget games will support it, what with the immense strain that sort of resolution would place on the hardware. Microsoft says the ultra-HD format will be used for "video and interface portions" initially. [Forbes] Read More >>

LG's Curved OLED TVs Are Actually Going on Sale

When LG showed off the first curved 3D OLED screen at CES earlier this year, it was sure exciting — but seemed unrealistic as a commercial venture. Now, though, LG has announced that it's planning to sell the curvy TV. Read More >>

Wow, You Can Actually Afford This £900 50-inch 4K LED HDTV

4K TVs are visual deliciousness in a box but are a little (to put it lightly) out of reach for peasants like us as they come with a price tag either equal to the cost of a car, or are only considered cheap because they're graciously not priced like a car. Eyegasms ain't cheap friends. But one company whose name I'm not even sure how to pronounce is trying to change the whole damn game. SEIKI has a 50-inch 4K TV for only £900. Yeah. Read More >>

Sony's 4K TVs Will Be Surprisingly Affordable—in That They Cost Less than a Car

The £25,000 price tag attached to Sony's 84-inch UltraHD set — the one that's been haunting your dreams since CES — may put that super-sized set out of your financial reach but that doesn't mean everything 4K is prohibitively expensive. In fact, Sony's new 55- and 65-inch sets are downright inexpensive (by comparison) and will be available for pre-order by the end of the month. Read More >>

lightning review
Sharp LC-60LE650U Lightning Review: Entry Level Shouldn't Look (or Sound) This Awesome

The price of big screens is falling precipitously, and not just for the off-brands you pack into your cart next to 10,000 packs of nappies. Sharp's 6-series LED TVs, for example, offer gorgeous displays for less than the cost of a Pixel. Read More >>

Philips' Stunning New TV Looks More Like a Work of Art Than a Screen

Lots of TV manufacturers have aimed for the high design end of the market, but none have really looked any good. Philips is trying to buck that trend with its new DesignLine TV, which looks more like a slab of glass artwork than a screen to watch the likes of Iron Man on. Read More >>

LG Shows Off Wireless 4K Streaming, From Phone to TV

LG has been showing off the first example of wireless Ultra HD steaming at MWC: it can take video from a phone, playing at 1080p, upscale it on the fly, and show it off at 4K on a TV. Read More >>

Half-Price Bubbly is Your "Real Men Drown Their Sorrows in Moet" Deal of the Day

Quick -- let's celebrate something. Let's celebrate ANYTHING! It could be a birthday, an anniversary or a successful check-up at the dentists. It doesn't matter -- we just want to hear the popping of a champagne cork and some hip-hip-hooraying. Read More >>

This Yamaha Guitar is Your "I Can Do Music, Me" Deal of the Day

It's the Brits tomorrow night, and we're sure that you're like us in wishing that you could be up there on the stage, picking up an award and worrying slightly that James Corden might stand a little bit too close to you. Read More >>


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