Sky Lets Viewers Watch or Record TV via Tweet Links

A really quite impressive new use for Twitter has been dreamed up by Sky, which uses links embedded in tweets to let subscribers fire up Sky Go or tell their Sky+ boxes to record a particular show. If all your accounts are logged in and linked up, it ought to just work right now with any tweets tagged #WatchOnSky. [Sky] Read More >>

Twitter Tweeting Added to Oxford English Dictionary as it "Seems to be Catching on"

The word "tweet" has been around for quite some time, as it historically refers to that whistling sound some birds do. However, the Oxford English Dictionary is now adding it as a noun and verb, describing it as meaning "to post (a message, item of information, etc.) on Twitter." Read More >>

Efemr Is Snapchat For Twitter Which Can Only End Well

So yeah, efemr is a web app that scrubs tweets after the amount of time you hashtag. Want a tweet gone after five minutes? #5m. Two hours? #2h. You get the gist. Read More >>

Wake Up Every Morning With That Addictive Tetris Theme Stuck In Your Head

It took most of us well past the Game Boy's lifespan to finally get that amazingly addictive Tetris theme out of our heads. But if you miss it, you can re-kindle it—and all the frustrations you had with stacking tetrominoes—with this Tetris digital alarm clock. Read More >>

Apple Gave Some Thought To Buying A Chunk of Twitter

When it comes to social networks, Apple has always cozied up to Twitter, but it turns out their relationship might have been a little more serious than we all thought. A while back, Apple considered offering several hundred million dollars for a stake in the micro-blogging platform. Read More >>

These Wristbands Are Officially the Most Complicated Way To Text Someone

The kids are all about texting these days, right? So Hallmark—of all companies—has created these wristbands that allow young'uns to exchange simple ten character messages. But while they're cheaper than a mobile, they're far less convenient to use. Read More >>

Fingerprints Magically Fade Away On 3M's New Screen Protectors

If you'd rather spend your time actually using your touchscreen tablet, instead of wasting hours buffing away fingerprints, 3M's new Natural View Fingerprint Fading Screen Protectors might be just up your alley since—like an old soldier—fingerprints will just fade away. Read More >>

175-Degree Display Fills Your Entire Vision With Gaming Goodness

The makers of this utterly fantastic 160-inch behemoth of a wraparound display—a Swedish company called Norman Design—claim the entire rig is actually portable. But since it takes at least an hour to set up, and weighs over 110 pounds, we'd be content with just leaving this permanently assembled in our gaming rooms. Read More >>

We Need To Stop Developing These Creepy Pole Climbing Robot Snakes Immediately

Watching this robotic snake almost effortlessly slither its way up a pole and onto this researcher's arm leads to one obvious conclusion—this research must be stopped. Like immediately. Read More >>

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How to Digitise Your Vinyl Collection

Your LP collection may be the coelacanth of storage mediums, but it is often a repository of tracks and titles that you simply can't get anywhere else. Here's how to digitise your wax-platter music, and finally drag the last remnants of your analog life into the 21st Century. Read More >>

Is Chewing This Spiky Rubber Disc Really As Effective As Brushing Your Teeth?

Designed for those times when you've just had a meal but can't sneak away to brush your teeth, the Rolly is a small rubber disc covered in 276 spiky bristles that promises to be as effective at cleaning your teeth as brushing, when chewed like a piece of gum. Read More >>

Slash Through the Zombie Hordes 12 Inches At a Time With This Machete Ruler

It's almost time for kids to start getting their back-to-school gear in order, and even though this fantastic laser-engraved wooden machete ruler will most certainly be instantly confiscated by a teacher, you still need to send your children to school prepared for anything. Read More >>

The Clever Cutouts On These Serving Trays Promise To Make Cafeteria Dining Less Terrible

Whether it's at school, the hospital, or even at work, cafeteria dining is never really enjoyable. And it's not just the food, eating off a tray with a raised lip around the perimeter is awkward at best. Read More >>

Trap Door Colander Will Revolutionise Your Kitchen

Teflon? Self-cleaning ovens? Even the paper towel pales in comparison to the brilliant innovation that is this plastic colander with a trap door release that lets you easily dump its contents into a bowl after it's completely drained. Can someone get the Nobel Prize people on the phone, they're gonna want to see this. Read More >>

Wooden Train Dining Table Redefines Playing With Your Food

You know those wooden Brio train tables you see at toy stores? The one's designed specifically for children that are set so low to the ground that grown ups who are still young at heart can't possible use them? That 'problem' is exactly what these TrackTile dining tables were designed to solve. Read More >>

Sacrilege: Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Sold In Bottle-Shaped Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags

Apparently in many parts of Central America, expensive soda drinks like Coca-Cola are served up in plastic Ziploc bags—instead of glass or plastic bottles—so they're more affordable. And so the iconic and highly recognisable shape of the Coke bottle isn't lost, the sugar water maker has created these Coca-Cola bags as a low-cost alternative to its traditional packaging. Read More >>


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