Twitter Will Roll Out Pop-up Notifications in the Coming Weeks

Twitter just revealed that pop-up interaction notifications will roll out in the coming weeks. Meaning that when you're logged on via, you'll get notifications for replies, retweets, and favourites—assuming you've tweaked your settings to display them. [Twitter] Read More >>

25+ Famous People's First Tweets That'll Make You Feel Better About Yours

Today is Twitter's 8th birthday and it got you a gift. With Twitter's new First Tweet tool you can look back at your (or anyone else's) first tweet without hours upon hours of scrolling. We took the liberty to round-up a few of the best and worst from some noteworthy tweeters. Read More >>

"Automated System" Blamed for David Cameron Following a High Class Escort Agency on Twitter

The prime minister appeared to have accidentally added a high class escort agency to his list of followed people on Twitter, although his people suggest it was some sort of accident and should not be considered an official endorsement of "Elite London Escort Agency" Carltons. Read More >>

Twitter Worth More Than Sainsbury's as £619 Million IPO, £8 Billion Valuation Looms

How much are your tweets worth? Perhaps as much as $12.8 billion (or almost £8 billion) if the latest Twitter valuation is to be believed. That makes it worth more than a UK supermarket stalwart, the £7.36 billion Sainsbury's, as Twitter looks to hit the stock market with a $1 billion (£619 million) initial public offering. Read More >>

Jesus Cast the First Tweet, Says Vatican Cardinal

Vatican cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi has compared the words of Jesus to today's modern tweeting universe, suggesting that God's special agent used short, brief sentences to get his words across to his followers better. A bit like if he was on Twitter. Read More >>

Nokia's Sarcastic Apple Tweet a Viral Smash With the Anti-iPhone Masses

A simple tweet by Nokia which read "Thanks, #Apple ;)" and suggested that the colour scheme of iPhone 5C was influenced by Nokia's bonkers colour palettes has gone Triple-A viral, with Twitter claiming it's been one of the most successful marketing tweets in history. Read More >>

Newsnight Editor's "Boring Snoring" Twitter Fail Makes the News

BBC Newsnight editor Ian Katz embarrassed himself royally yesterday, after accidentally describing a Labour MP who appeared on the show as "Boring Snoring" in a tweet meant as a cynical DM to a friend. Now his mistake has been immortalised in the closing credits of the show. Read More >>

Tweetdeck Just Got a Little Bit Prettier

Tweetdeck's got a gift for you this afternoon. No, unfortunately it's not fixed notifications, but it's still a step in the right direction. Meet the new, prettier tweet panel. It makes firing off 140-char screeds a little more pleasant. Read More >>

Explore Twitter's Hidden Landscape In These Gorgeous Interactive Maps

Twitter never tires of finding clever new ways to show off its mountains of tweets; but now it's going literal with actual mountains of tweets. Twitter's in-house data visualisation scientist Nicolas Belmonte put together these new, interactive, topographical maps of tweet history, and the result is a digital mountain range like you've never seen. Read More >>

Alec Baldwin in Explosive "F%#@ You Up" Twitter Account Suicide

Actor Alec Baldwin had a bit of a temper tantrum on Twitter last night, after some "toxic Brit" Daily Mail reporter wrote an article claiming his wife was tweeting during fellow actor and friend James Gandolfini's funeral. Read More >>

These Awesome Maps Show Off All the World's Geo-Tagged Tweets

There are only so many place you can tweet from, and Twitter's been diligently indexing them all. These new visualisations from the Twitter team organised for this sort of thing show the history of all geo-tagged tweets since 2009 (when the feature was born) by location. We're talking billions of them. Read More >>

Watch How Retweets Ripple Out Through the Internet

A quick tweet can blast through Twitter like wildfire. All it takes is a click of a button and anyone can help push that 140 character shout just a little further through cyberspace, until everybody knows. This is what it looks like when that happens. Read More >>

Angsty Teen Paris Brown Quits Police Role Over Shady Twitter Past

The furore over past comments made by high-profile youth police and crime commissioner Paris Brown has claimed her bouffant scalp, with the 17-year-old quitting her advisory job after her slightly dodgy youthful tweets triggered a modern-day outrage. Read More >>

Mathematically, How Many Different Tweets Could There Ever Be?

There's only so much you can say in 140 paltry characters. So how many possible different tweets are there that could ever be sent? Read More >>

Knowing the Real Life Location of These Tweets Makes You Feel Dirty

Twitter is modern-day people-watching. Anytime you check it, you see what a person is thinking or doing or saying. But it's not all happening in a digital vacuum, they're on break at work tweeting about their boss; they're outside a hospital tweeting about their day; they're always somewhere tweeting about something. This photo project, Geolocations, by Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman show where people are when they send out tweets. It's completing the picture. Read More >>

What Was Your Most Embarrassing Tweet?

By now, you've probably heard that Twitter's rolling out the option to download your entire archive of tweets. And, hey, that sounds like great news! Read More >>


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