The Best Google Glasses Analogy Yet

Google Glasses might be a neat version of the future, but they're also still a tad awkward and geeky. You know, kind of like a Segway? Read More >>

The Coffee Shop Isn't Your Office Vol. 254: Don't Complain. Ever.

We've been vocal before about how the coffee shop is not your office. But if you do happen to set up camp in one, you may absolutely never ever under any circumstances complain about the freaking music. Read More >>

Will Instagram Warp Our Grandchildren's Perception of Reality?

You know the old joke about how kids think their grandparents lived in an actual black and white world, because the only proof they have is ancient photos? Well what happens when the only photographic evidence of our lives is faux-filtered? Read More >>

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Seriously, Please Don't Do This

Ever. Ever ever. It makes us uncomfortable.


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