Twitter is Reportedly Testing a "Fave People" Timeline...for Your Favs

TechCrunch reports that Twitter is experimenting with a new version of timeline that allows you to browse a stream of tweets from your favourite accounts. If real, the new "Fave People" feature would mirror a similar feature on Facebook—and makes a lot of sense for helping you filter out the noise in your timeline. Read More >>

Updated: Twitter Was Down, But Not Anymore

Update 18:40: Panic over, Twitter is back online. That was a rough 10 minutes wasn't it? Read More >>

David Cameron's Still V. Serious About Ukraine, Even When Responding to Patrick Stewart's Piss-Take

If you cast your mind back to yesterday's big Twitter hoo-ha (yes, before everyone jacked in that tomfoolery for the bitcoin car-chase), you may recall celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart took the mick out of David Cameron's very serious call to Obama about the Ukraine crisis, as pictured on his Twitter account for all to be suitably impressed by. The inevitable response came today from Cameron's aides: Read More >>

David Cameron's Serious Obama Call Gets the Twitter Parody Treatment

The mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia is serious business, and world leaders are understandably concerned as to what repercussions Russia's act of aggression in the region will lead to. Lengthy, serious phone calls will be had -- but do we really need a photo of a politician's "serious face" to highlight that? Read More >>

Twitter Accidentally Resets Users' Passwords

Don't panic! Your Twitter account hasn't been hacked, the password has just been accidentally reset. Read More >>

Remember That Time John Terry Won an Oscar? The Inevitable Ellen Selfie Meme Onslaught Begins

When Ellen Degeneres posted the most retweeted tweet (let alone selfie) of all time last night, you could be sure that John Terry would want in on the action. Or at least, someone with rudimentary Photoshopping skills would make sure the glory-hunting Chelsea defender got in there with the Oscar elite somehow, anyhow. Read More >>

Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars Selfie Has Scored the Most Retweets Ever

Ellen managed to break the record for most retweets ever by some margin at last night's Oscars. Her selfie, in which she is flanked by many huge Hollywood names, has chalked up well over 2 million retweets and counting. Read More >>

Science Reveals Everything You've Ever Wondered About Swearing on Twitter

The most popular curse word is fuck, which covers 34.73% of all the curse word occurrences, followed by shit (15.04%), ass (14.48%), bitch (10.34%), nigga (9.68%), hell (4.46%), whore (1.82%), dick (1.67%), piss (1.53%), and pussy (1.16%). Read More >>

"Mashtag" Potato 3.0 Redesign Beta Rolling Out in March

Birds Eye has invented a new form of food for nutritional gurus, in the shape of Mashtags. Or, as the packaging suggests, Mas#tags, the #New and #Tasty potato shapes. Serving suggestion: Listlessly push them around a chipped plate while feeling sad and not as hungry as you were when you put them in the oven and willing your phone to do something interesting. Read More >>

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This Man Pranks Strangers With Intimate Details He Found by Stalking Their Instagram Accounts

How much do you share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Maybe a snap of your oh-so-healthy lunch? Or a witticism about an over-bearing boss? That's fine -- so long as your posts are set to private. Make that snap of your dog public, or that flirty exchange with a waitress available for all to see, and you're opening yourself up for some seriously freaky pranks. Read More >>

"Sadistic Glee" is the Reason We Like Being Mean on the Internet

A group of researchers believes online "trolls" and real-world sadists have quite a lot in common, with today's anonymous online hatemongers getting satisfaction from causing other people to suffer in a similar fashion to proper sadists. Read More >>

Twitter's Testing a Major Redesign (That Lifts From Facebook and Google)

Coming fresh off the heels of a site-wide Twitter redesign just a few weeks ago, it looks like an even bigger change is in the works, according to Mashable. Apparently, the design is only being tested on a select few, but if this is really what's to come, Twitter is about to look like the bastard child of Pinterest and Facebook's unholy union.
[Mashable]

The UK Floods in Pictures: South West Submerged as Waters Break Defences

Two months of heavy rains and stormy weather has left large swathes of the UK a soggy, sodden mess. Floods have caused damage to some 1,600 properties (mainly in the South West of England), and there seems little sign of the sorry weather abating. Read More >>

The Case for Lurking on Twitter

When Twitter announced its slow user growth last week, the company's stock went into a tailspin. But as Herb Greenberg writes over at LinkedIn, what may be hurting the service most of all might be the common—and incorrect—assumption that to enjoy Twitter, one must tweet. Quite the contrary! Twitter's at its best when you don't tweet. Read More >>

Twitter Has Completely Changed its Layout

Twitter just flipped the switch on a redesign on the web and it looks totally different. Everything is flat, the font has changed, your profile picture shows up in the top left-hand corner, and overall, it looks a whole lot cleaner. Read More >>

Twitter Shut Me Down

At 25, I found myself running a very profitable black hat advertising platform. The platform was called Followgen, and I was its sole creator; a self-identified 'hacker' and reluctant resident of New York City. At the time, Followgen was just six months old, and I believed its days were numbered. Read More >>


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