Microsoft Is Finally Offering Two-Step Verification For Your Entire Account

Over the next few days Microsoft will begin rolling out an overhaul to accounts, which will include a crucial security upgrade: Two-step verification. This will go a long way to preventing hackers from getting into your account and causing all sorts of damage. So if you have a Microsoft Account, you should definitely set the feature up at Read More >>

It'd Be Super Easy For Twitter To Just Make All This Account Hacking Stop

Twitter accounts are getting hacked left and right. Today it was Burger King. Before that, it was the Westboro Baptist Church (Admittedly, they deserved it). And before that, it was us and Mat Honan. Hacks will always happen, but this is dumb because Twitter could make this all go away. Forever. All we need is two-factor authentication and it's insane we haven't gotten it yet. Read More >>


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