Silently Celebrate Typewriters with This Illustrated Army of Classics

There's no denying that typewriters were (and are!) fantastically complex and beautiful pieces of machinery. They're also noisy, expensive, and a pain to use. With Pop Chart's Visual Compendium of Typewriters though, you can have the best of both worlds: antique art and a backspace key. Read More >>

To Avoid Cyber Espionage, Russia's Switching Back to Typewriters

Hackers aren't going anywhere any time soon, so Russian spies are wising up and taking their most sensitive intelligence offline. Not offline like off the internet. Offline like off computers altogether. Read More >>

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Look at This Idiot Using His Typewriter in a Starbucks

We've already been plenty vocal on our opinions of people who use coffee shops as their personal office. But this guy — this cretin — makes those non-ordering, space-consuming table squatters look like the saints of Starbucks — and this their new pope. Read More >>

The First Daisy Wheel Typewriter Is Retina MacBook Pro's Great Great Great Great Great-Ancestor

Manufactured in 1889, the Victor was the first typewriter to use a daisy wheel, a feature that would later become common in the design of 1980s typewriters. Read More >>

Automated Typewriter Installation Creates Never-Ending Story Honouring Journalists Killed on Assignment

"On Journalism #2 Typewriter" is a typewriter installation that honours journalists who been killed worldwide between 1992 and present day, by writing generatively constructed stories about about them based on their published work and the existing data of their lives (viathe Committee to Protect Journalists). Read More >>


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