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The Military's Newest Drone Can Roam Up to 1800 Miles From Home

The rapid exit of US ground forces from Afghanistan has caused an unforeseen problem for forces in the region: Afghanistan's most remote regions are suddenly out of range of conventional turbo-prop UAVs, making CIA interdiction against the Taliban nearly impossible. But a new generation of jet-propelled Predator drone will soon take to the skies and venture up to 1800 miles from its base. Read More >>

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This Flying Ambulance May Save Wounded Soldiers from Certain Death

Removing wounded soldiers from the battlefield has always been a dangerous proposition, not just for the wounded but for the Medevac team as well. So instead of sending more soldiers into harm's way, one Israeli aeronautic company wants to whisk the wounded away aboard a UAV. Read More >>

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The Gray Eagle Now Drone Flies for Nearly Two Days Straight

The MQ-1 Predator UAV is one of America's most prolific and productive drones, having notched more than a million hours of flight time since its introduction in 1994. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for continued improvement to the platform. In fact, General Dynamics has also been hard at work with a slightly less deadly version that can fly for twice as long. Read More >>

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The Stealthy Barracuda UAV Is Germany's Future Flying Force

After the end of hostilities in WWII, France and Germany have become surprisingly close. The two nations are stalwart proponents of expanded European Union integration and are regularly referred to as the EU's "twin engine." But on the issue of unmanned aerial platform, the two simply cannot agree. So while France and its cohorts are developing the nEUROn, Germany is building the stealth Barracuda. Read More >>

F-16 Fighter Jet is the Latest Thing to Be Turned Into a Drone

The US of A has thousands of propellor-driven UAVs terrorising the skies above various bits of the world, but a puny propellor is no match for a legitimate, tooled-up Fighting Falcon flying itself through the skies. Which is why the US Air Force has strapped a really big remote control and a few servos* to some old jets, and flown them around a bit. Read More >>

How the Navy of the Future Will Find—And Destroy—Underwater Mines

You don't joke about mining important maritime trade routes—Iran did and nearly started WWIII. And while America's fleet of MH-53E Sea Dragons and Avenger-class mine countermeasures ships are still quite effective, they're getting really, really old. Both platforms entered service in the mid-1980s and are quickly nearing their retirement dates. Here's what the US Navy has in store for its future countermining operations. Read More >>

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The SkyRanger Flies in the Face of Inclement Weather

Quad-copters have become a popular choice for aerial surveillance tasks, in both the public and private sectors, thanks to their portability and ease of use. Problem is, their diminutive nature also limits where and when they can fly—high winds can knock them clear out of the air. The new SkyRanger sUAS, however, is powerful enough to lift off in conditions that would ground other drones. Read More >>

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Watch the First Ever Carrier Drone Jet Launch

You are about to witness an historical event: the first drone jet ever launched from an aircraft carrier. In a few decades, when autonomous drone planes battle each other in the skies, fire missiles at drone troops and battleships, humanity will look back at this day as the true beginning of total drone warfare. Read More >>

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This Liquid Hydrogen UAV Just Flew for Two Days Straight

In 2009, the US Office of Naval Research's super-endurance drone, the Ion Tiger, flew for a record 23 hours, 17 minutes—the longest ever for a fuel cell-powered UAV. But late last week, the ONR demolished its own record with a 48-plus hour foray into the great blue yonder. Read More >>

Just What We Need—Drones with Grappling Claws

Fan-freakin'-tastic. It wasn't enough that drones are already watching our every move and capable of raining down missile-locked death strikes. No, we had to give them the ability to swoop and snag items like a goddamn Golden Eagle taking a baby. Everybody duck. Read More >>

Beware the Wolf in Drone's Clothing

There isn't a huntsman's axe on the planet sturdy enough to save you from these gnashing jaws, no locale remote enough to shield you from its prying eyes. Written, produced, and directed by Mato Atom, Seagulls reimagines the classic Little Red Riding Hood fable in the modern era where Predators roam the skies like a pack of big bad wolves. Read More >>

This Is the Army's £125,000 Secret Toy Helicopter

For a few years, small children (and me) have had the fun of flying cheap 'n cheerful RC helicopters around, pretending to be Apache pilots, sometimes with the requisite sound effects. The Army's decided to get in on the fun, spending some £20 million on an Urgent Operational Requirement for mini-surveillance aircraft. Let's be honest though - the Army's buying ittle bittle toy helicopters. Read More >>

Britain's Supersonic Robot Stealth Fighter Will Finally Take to the Air This Year

It's been a long time coming, but Britain should finally claim the crown of Country With The Creepiest/Most Badass UAV this year. Yeah, we've had a prototype robotic UAV bomber lying around in the shed for a while now, but it doesn't actually count until it's flown. Read More >>

These New Spy Drones Are Blatantly Ripped Off From Star Wars

Though we all know and love the Western world's arsenal of high-flying, hard-hitting drones, there are also different types of robot in the works. Read More >>

Spy Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease With Your Own Autonomous UAV

Have you ever wanted to do survelience on your friends, neighbours, enemies, or that sketchy-looking house down the street? Have you ever wanted a drone of your own? Well Lehmann Aviation's LA100 might be your chance if you can spare the scratch. Read More >>

Israeli Drone Crashes in Gaza

It happens to everyone, Israel, don't worry—one of the IDF's drones was either shot down or malfunctioned above Gaza. Now Hamas has it. Read More >>


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