The Pope of Foam Explains the Science of Beer Brewing

Crack open a bottle of suds and prepare to be amazed as Professor Charlie Bamforth leads a tour of the UC Davis Brewery, revealing the astonishingly complex chemical process—and artisanal origins—behind making beer. [PopSci] Read More >>

Anonymous Target Pepper-Spraying UC Davis Copper

Looks like Anonymous got ticked off with the pepper-spraying cop, who blasted some seated protesters outside UC Davis. The collective also released another video listing his personal contact information, which has been taken down. Read More >>

Hammock Boat!

Sorry. One-of-a-kind. Make your own. Like a Sasquatch in the Himalayas, this was allegedly seen at the University of California at Davis. Little else is known. [Flickr via Reddit via neatorama] Read More >>


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