Who Won Our Crimbo Commenting Challenge?

Last Monday, we invited (with no small amount of trepidation) the web's best comedians to bring the cream of their acerbic wit and banter to bear on our site, with the promise of a spanking new phone for the comedic gem of the week. Well, time's up, the phone lines are now closed; the winner of X Factor 2012 is...oh wait, sorry, wrong programme. Read More >>

A Snow Machine for Just £40 is Your "You Don't Need to Dream of a White Christmas Any More" Deal of the Day

Are YOU dreaming of a white Christmas? Just like the ones you used to know? Where treetops moisten and children, erm, doisten. Or something. You know how it goes... Read More >>

'Ill-Judged' Virgin Ad Is a Little Too Rapey

If you live in the US, it seems that Virgin Mobile wants you to associate its brand with rape sudden surprises -- or at least that's the message the ad team is pushing. As part of its advent-calendar style of an ad a day (what was wrong with chocolate?), Virgin Mobile US pushed out the above ad, which it later described as an "ill-advised move". That's the understatement of the year. Read More >>

Fistfuls of Chocolate for £3 is Your "Screw Diabetes, Mamma Wants Choccy" Deal of the Day

Sure, we're all scurrying around the shops or searching online, in an attempt to get the best gifts that we can lay our hands on, but it's important to remember that there's more to Christmas than the exchanging of presents – there's the rampant scoffing of sweets as well. Read More >>

There's No Way I'd Get In This Low-Level Self-Flying Helicopter

Real pilots? Please. The US Army's so intent on cutting costs that they've developed a system that lets helicopters fly themselves. Would I ever get in one? Hell to the no. Read More >>

George Osborne Decides Smaller Cities Get to Feel the High-Speed Broadband Love Too

Our illustrious chancellor George Osborne is a man of the people. Honest. In his mini-budget speech today, he announced a whole raft of new, smaller cities that'll finally get to experience that super-fast broadband that us city mice already know and love, proving once and for all that he cares about things outside London and his country estate. Read More >>


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