Google Maps Stays Neutral by Only Showing Your Side in Border Disputes

Border disputes are going on in many places around the world. That makes life difficult for mapmakers, and especially difficult for the world's foremost online map service, Google Maps. As The Washington Post points out, Google strives to not get stuck in the middle of a territorial struggle, by showing you the border you most likely want to see based on where you're Googling from. Read More >>

Darth Vader Will Run for President of Ukraine

While the Sith lord generally resides in a galaxy far, far away, he seems to have particular interest in Ukrainian politics. As he told RT News, "I am prepared to take responsibility for the fate of this country, if fellow citizens do me this high honour. I alone can make an empire out of a republic, to restore former glory, to return lost territories and pride for this country," Vader said. Read More >>

David Cameron's Serious Obama Call Gets the Twitter Parody Treatment

The mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia is serious business, and world leaders are understandably concerned as to what repercussions Russia's act of aggression in the region will lead to. Lengthy, serious phone calls will be had -- but do we really need a photo of a politician's "serious face" to highlight that? Read More >>

What the Ukrainian Crisis Means for Astronauts in Space

Ever since NASA retired its space shuttle program in 2011, the only way to get up to the International Space Station is on a Russian Soyuz. That's why the six humans currently orbiting in space—including two Americans and three Russians—might be paying attention to what's happening on earth two hundred miles below. As tensions run high between the US and Russia over the situation in Ukraine, geopolitics may find its way into space again. Read More >>

Tour the Opulent, Evacuated McMansions of Ukraine's Fallen Leaders

Earlier this week, surreal images emerged of Ukrainian protesters storming the palace of President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled the capital city after violent unrest. Now, protesters have made their way into another mansion, the home of attorney general Victor P. Pshonka. No ostriches, as were found on Yanukovych's estate, but there are Fabregé eggs! Read More >>

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Incredible Drone Video Shows Ukraine's Riot Battlefield From Above

A drone films protesters clashing with police forces as tires and Molotov cocktails burn in Kiev's Independence Square. The battle has started again, after yesterday's failed truce. At least 75 have been killed since last Tuesday, according to Ukraine's government officials. Read More >>

Urban Explorers Uncover Forgotten Corners of the Soviet Bloc

Say what you will about urban exploration as a hobby, these guys sure do find some very cool stuff sometimes. Thank goodness they take cameras with them. Read More >>

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Ukraine's Rioters Erected, Fired and Lost a Working Catapult Overnight

When riots broke out in London, the best the mob could manage was smashing up some shops and trying to nick some tracksuit bottoms out of JD Sports. In Ukraine though, they take their rioting a whole lot more seriously -- they've been going medieval on the arses of the anti-protest forces with a fully-operational catapult. Read More >>

Political Unrest in Ukraine? Blame it on John Terry

John Terry, England and Chelsea football star and holder of the "World's Worst Best Mate" title, has had another unexpected accolade attributed to him -- being called out as one of the causes of the current political turbulence in Ukraine. Um, yep... Read More >>

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Watch This Insane Man Jump a BMX Between Ginormous Ukrainian Satellite Uplink Dishes

You know those enormous satellite dishes that uplink to satellites and command nuclear strikes from high-Earth orbit, Goldeneye­­-style? Imagine jumping between them, in and out of the dishes, pulling tricks on a BMX. Yes, this man is insane, and yes, that's one hell of a view. [Redbull] Read More >>

Coffin Therapy: Because Death Isn't Scary Enough Already

How do you prepare to meet your maker? Confess your sins, make right with your enemies, spend all of your money on an elaborate European vacation co-starring LL Cool J? Not in the Ukraine. First of all, you're already in Europe. Second, you're probably doing coffin therapy, the hottest and creepiest trend in afterlife acceptance. Read More >>

Anonymous Declares War on Ukraine Over Demonoid Gift-Wrap Shutdown

Ukraine's government is currently feeling the wrath of Anonymous, after it decided it'd be a great idea to take out one of the biggest torrent trackers as a present for the US. OpDemonoid is Anonymous' way of saying, haven't you learnt anything, Ukraine? Read More >>

Pirate Bay Competitor Demonoid Taken Out as a Present For the US

Last week, one of the largest torrent websites, Demonoid, was taken down in a flurry of DDoS attacks and ended up serving malware to visitors. The site can now rest easy from any attacks, but visitors will have to look elsewhere for torrents, as the Ukrainian authorities have shut the site down as a gift to the U.S. to show that the country takes copyright infringement seriously. Read More >>

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I Wish I Had This Barman's Absolutely Insane Skills

Quite a lot of cocktail barmen think their "flair" is the dogs, but I reckon no one is even a scratch on this chap from the Ukraine. Those are some truly amazing skills -- it's more like watching a master juggler pour you a drink than some cocky barman trying to impress the ladies while making you wait ages for your beverage. Read More >>


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