What Is UltraHD?

Ultra HD is marketing-speak for 4K or 8K resolution TVs. And that's more or less it. You're going to be hearing the term a lot this show though — and throughout the year — so here's a little more information about what exactly that means. Read More >>

This Panasonic 152-Inch 4K Plasma Is What £600,000-Dreams Are Made of

OK, so you've just won the lottery. You've already bought yourself a £5 million pound mansion, plus a Bugatti Veyron to fill that garage, but what do you buy next? A colossal £600,000 152-inch ultra HD (4K) plasma TV for your massive living room wall, of course. Read More >>

4K Is Now Officially Called Ultra High Definition

Forget "4K", that's just confusing, err, just like 1080p. The new HD video standard has officially been branded Ultra HD, so expect manufacturers to start slapping UHD all over TVs in the near future. What I want to know is, what's 8K going to be called? Super Ultra HD? Turbo UHD? What about Super Hi-Vision? Because that's not confusing. [Cnet] Read More >>

First Ultra High Def Shoulder Mount Camera Brings 8K Ridiculousness Closer to Reality

4K might be the next wave of video resolution, but Ultra High Definition is the next NEXT next wave. And we're finally seeing the technology take its first steps toward your living room. Read More >>


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