McLaren Wants to Replace Your Car's Wipers With Ultrasonic Pulses

The main things that annoy me most about my beaten up old car are that the fan doesn't work, and the windscreen wipers make an absolute racket. But if patents filed by McLaren are anything to go by, windscreen wipers will soon be a thing of the past as they look to replace the pesky things with scientific magic. Read More >>

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These Are the Secret Sounds of All Your Electronics

We all know the telltale hum of a computer's fan kicking on, or the barely-there buzz of fluorescent lights. But even the most whisper-quiet devices are singing their little songs of daily life; you just can't hear them. At least not without some help. Read More >>

Scientist Can Wrangle Microscopic Particles Using Gentle Tornadoes of Sound

Getting microscopic objects into formation is a tricky proposition. They don't make tweezers small enough. Fortunately there's an alternative: sweeping them up in a sonic vortex. Read More >>


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