Blasting the Brain with Ultrasounds Enhances Sensory Abilities

In an experiment straight out of a comic book, Virginia Tech scientists have found a way to improve sensory abilities. All it takes is a detailed map of the brain, an ultrasound gun, and a willing patient. What could go wrong? Read More >>

Someday, Doctors May Test Circulation With Blood Boiling Sonic Blasts

Currently, doctors use ultrasound to measure blood flow in the body. Doppler effect, just like bats! But it can't detect flow in the small, slow moving vessels where diseases often start. The solution? Sonic blasts that heat up a tiny drop of blood, then watch where it goes. Science! Read More >>

Watch These Water Drops Levitate and Form Spinning, Pulsating Stars

If you play around with an ultrasound field for long enough, you can set up standing waves that allow you to levitate water drops in mid-air—but that's only where the fun starts. Read More >>

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Watch Unborn Twins Kick Each Other Inside the Womb

Sharing a small space with another person in real life is already difficult, can you imagine sharing space inside a mother's womb? Insane! But twins do it all the time and they seem to get along quite well after too. But it's not exactly happy go peaches, in this video you can see the twins kicking each other for extra leg room. Get that workout in young'n! [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

Just a 4D Medical Scan of a Fetus Yawning in the Womb

Medical imaging's come a long way in the past few decades—but it's now so good that doctors can use it to tell the difference between a baby opening its mouth and it yawning. Read More >>

Science Finally Makes Dr. Who's Awesome Sonic Screwdriver a Reality

The BBC might have been blowing smoke when it first came up with the idea behind Dr. Who’s marvellous sonic screwdriver, but science has mimicked science fiction once again – the sonic screwdriver is real, and we the have boffins from the University of Dundee to thank for it. Read More >>

Ultrasound Treatment Cures Prostate Cancer Perfectly Nine Times in Ten

A new treatment, using highly focused ultrasound, effectively kills cancerous prostate tumours nine times out of ten. What's more, the technique produces virtually no side effects and means patients only have to spend a single evening in hospital. Read More >>

A Frightened Face Appeared in the Ultrasound of a Man's Testicle

A 45-year-old man showed up to a hospital complaining about severe pain in his scrotal area. Urologists performed an ultrasound on his testicles and found something hilariously shocking: there looked to be a face of a frightened man in his balls. Read More >>

The mobiUS Is an Ultrasound Machine That'll Fit In Your Pocket

Windows Mobile may be ancient technology for those using an iPhone or Android handset, but for industry applications like the MobiUS SP1 mobile ultrasound system, the now two-year old operating system is just perfect. Read More >>


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