An Umbrella Made of Cork to Plug Up the Rain

Totally sustainable, naturally impermeable, and protector of drinkables, cork is an incredible thing. But more than being functional, it's all the rage with the kids these days! And we can see why. This newly unveiled cork umbrella from Pelcor is lovely to look at but with the added, smug bonus of knowing your all-natural shield is renewable, too. Read More >>

Redesigned Umbrella Handle For Those Who Refuse To Stop Texting When It Rains

If you've ever tried to frustratingly juggle your phone and umbrella like some hapless idiot in an infomercial, you can rest assured there's at least one other person who's been in the same situation. But instead of grumbling about it, they went and created the Brolly: an umbrella with a redesigned handle that makes it easier to text in a downpour. Read More >>

Pack Some Heat With This Sweet Gunbrella

When you're on your way home from a long day of work and the sky opens up on you, sometimes you just want to shoot someone. With the Howdah Pistol umbrella, you can pull the trigger and not, you know, go to prison or something. Read More >>

Sensor-Filled Umbrella Turns Raindrops Into a Retro 8-Bit Soundtrack

Nintendo may have long since abandoned the Game Boy platform, but it hasn't stopped artists with a passion for retro 8-bit sounds from using it to still create music. Like Alice Zappe, whose love of Game Boy chiptunes also inspired her to create this umbrella that turns rain drops into bleeps and bloops. Read More >>

solar panels
Stylish Sun Shade Is the Easiest Way To Harness Solar Power For Your Home

If you like the idea of getting free energy from the sun, but don't want to deal with the complications of installing a solar array on your roof, Umbrosa has created a lovely backyard sun shade that does double-duty—turning those rays into electricity. Read More >>

Uberhood Bike Umbrella Protects You From Rain, Sun and Unobstructed Visibility

There's a good reason this is probably the first bike mounted hands-free umbrella you've ever seen. Previous attempts to bring such a product to fruition fizzled out once their creators realised what a terrible idea it would be. But not the makers of the Uberhood. Read More >>

I've Been Waiting All My Life for This Kind of Advancement in Umbrella Technology

There are some inventions—think umbrellas or nail clippers—that have been somewhat serviceable but hardly perfect. Why can't we find something more effective? Did we all just give up? Athanasia Leivaditou didn't. She wants to create a raincoat with an umbrella hoody. Read More >>


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