This Calculator Unboxing Parody Is Hilarious

Unboxing videos are perhaps the biggest waste of YouTube storage to grace the planet: watch a pimple-faced youth take a phone out of a cardboard container and play with some basic functions! Woo. But here's one worth watching. Read More >>

Wow, the Xbox One's Power Brick Is Massive

The Xbox One isn't exactly huge, which is good considering it's meant to fit in with a home cinema set-up and all, but Microsoft's seemingly achieved that by jettisoning all the power gubbins out of the main box and into one humungous power brick. Oh, and here's everything else you get in the box, courtesy of Xbox Live's boss, Larry Hryb. Read More >>

Here's What's Inside Google Glass' Box

Even though we've seen Google Glass be leaked, be announced, be presented, be demoed, be worn, be used, and even be mocked, it's always represented some far off future technology that we never were sure if it would ever be real (in a 'I can't believe it's already here' kind of way). But it's totally happening guys. And this is what it looks like. Brandon Allgood got his hands on the Google Glass box and revealed what's inside the future. Read More >>

Apple Patent Shows iPhone Packaging Which Turns Into a Dock

Unboxing videos may be getting a hell of a lot more interesting if this patent, which stipulates packaging that becomes a usable dock, becomes a reality. The filing shows a box which looks akin to the current device packaging which Apple thinks could be big enough to dock a smartphone or a portable computing tablet. Read More >>

Nintendo Boss Performs Amazingly Precise Surgical Wii U Unboxing

The tedious art of the unboxing video has been taken to extraordinary new highs, thanks to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata donning a pair of white gloves and showing the kids how to feign excitement about seeing a power supply unit and instruction manual. Read More >>

iphone 5
Here's What Inside the iPhone 5 Box

I know a lot of you guys are counting down the moons, days, hours, minutes, seconds, breaths, eye-blinks and everything else until you get your hands on the new iPhone 5. We're obsessives, we get it. So here's something to placate you until then. A spoiler alert, if you will: here's what's inside the iPhone 5 box. Read More >>

Why Every Single Gadget Unboxing Is Weird, Creepy and Maybe Even Pervy

Think of this comic strip as a warning for everybody with a YouTube account who's going to get an iPhone 5 and record a video of them unboxing it. Don't do it. It's weird. It's silly. It's not a thing anymore. And it might be even a little pervy. Read More >>

watch this
The Google Nexus 7 Is the Worst Gadget To Unbox, Ever—Watch Why

The unboxing video is a tired trope of tech blogging, but that doesn't mean we can't find new ways to embarrass ourselves with it. Like, for example, every tech blogger in the world failing miserably and hilariously to open the stupid box. Way to rage against the spaghetti-armed stereotypes, comrades. [Jean-Louis Nguyen via BI] Read More >>


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