Analyst Claims That the iPad Mini Has Two Cameras and Can Fit Inside Your Pocket

Though analysts usually know nothing more than regular ol' John Apple Fan at home, they do sometimes get access to tech factories and shredded supply chain documents hinting at upcoming products. One analyst, Topeka Capital's Brian White, claims to have actually held an iPad Mini prototype and even put it in his pocket. Read More >>

Is This the Next LG Nexus Phone?

We've already heard that the next Nexus phone will be made by LG and be kinda, sorta similar to the powerful LG Optimus G but this might be the first time we've got a good look at it. A gallery of photos of an LG Android phone that looks like the Optimus G and runs stock Android has popped up at XDA developers. Could this be the next Nexus? Read More >>

Meet the Next CEO of Microsoft: Steven Sinofsky Is the Heir Apparent

It was summer 2009. Microsoft had just shipped the final code for Windows 7 to PC manufacturers, who had begun burning it onto the tens of millions of new computers that would ship that Christmas. It should have been a triumphant moment for Steven Sinofsky. Read More >>

Rumor: The iPhone 5's Killer Feature Is Amazing Voice Control

9to5Mac is claiming some giant news about the next iPhone. The specs aren't shocking: a generous 1GB of RAM and the iPad 2's A5 processor. But what Apple's going to push hardest is Assistant: your iPhone talks to you. Read More >>

Is This Really the Motorola Xoom 2?

Sources with Droid-Life claim to have images of the yet-to-be-announced Xoom 2, and they might just be right. Without much to go on, it does kind of resemble Motorola's earlier mock-up and even a shot leaked last week. Curiouser and curiouser. Read More >>


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