These Macro Shots of Marine Life in Motion are Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful

With all the wild stuff going on in the ocean's depths, corals and sponges don't seem like the marine life that would be most fun to watch because—do they even move? Yes! They do! Slow Life reveals a super close-up, ultra-high-resolution perspective on these delicate underwater systems in motion—and they're gorgeous. Read More >>

The US Navy's New Underwater Internet

You use Wi-Fi everyday, but have you heard of its cousin, Li-Fi? Devices that use blinking lights to transmit data could provide the wireless Internet of the future. Read More >>

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Watch Guns with Different Types of Ammo Get Shot Underwater in Slo-Mo

By now we should all know the epic water bubble beauty that happens when you shoot a gun underwater. From your typical Glock to AK-47s, the bullet-chasing, self-collapsing water bubble looks more like the gun is shooting mini-nuclear explosions than your typical bullets. But does different types of ammo change the look of each shot? Sort of! Read More >>

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An Underwater Bullet at 27,450 FPS Is Breathtaking

You may remember our friend Destin at Smarter Every Day shooting an AK-47 underwater. It was a cool experiment, but the pressure caused the aquarium to shatter, ruining what we now know would have been an amazing shot. To solve this problem, he built a sort of reverse-periscope for a Phantom camera and shot the AK-47 in a pool. The results are absolutely stunning. Read More >>

Listen To Music Through Your Cheekbones While You Swim Lengths

The Neptune speakers rest on your cheek and make the bone vibrate so that the vibrations can be relayed to your cochlea, allowing you to hear music. The process is called bone conduction, and is also used by some marine mammals. Since the music is going straight into your head, you don't have to deal with anything in your ears while you're trying to swim. Read More >>

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This Is What Shooting a Gun Underwater Looks Like

Ever wonder what it would be like to shoot a gun underwater? It looks like a scene lifted straight from a Bond flick. Read More >>

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Google Maps Has Freaking Amazing Underwater Street View Now

While we point and laugh at Apple Maps for being subpar and screwed up, Google just announced underwater Street View. Well, sort of announced. TechCrunch reports that the new underwater Street View — which is beautiful — is now available for taking a peek of the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii and the Philippines. Read More >>

There Is No Such Thing as Normal When You Live at the Bottom of the Sea

The Aquanauts had killed the power and strapped on their emergency air masks. Someone smelled burning. In a rich-oxygen environment like Aquarius, fires can spread with ferocity; any hint of combustion is taken with utter seriousness. The air wasn't circulating as it was supposed to, and, up above, the life support buoy sounded like it was going to explode. Instead of a steady, even hum, the generator sounded like something between a between a bark and like it was gagging. Read More >>

Getting Married in an Undersea Base

Otto Ruttan got married to Leanne in the Aquarius Reef Base on March 26th, 1996. They met at Aquarius during his first day on the job. She was a marine biologist doing aquanaut training and he, being the new guy, was assigned to count laps during the swimming drill. Read More >>

This Is How You Live at the Bottom of the Ocean

You can see it from the surface of the water: a blue outline 50 feet down. Aquarius. The last undersea base. Diving down to it is like falling slowly into another world. Read More >>

Underwater iPhone Case Only Lets You Use the Camera App

It might be waterproof to 100 feet, but TAT7's iPhone Scuba Case only includes three strategically-placed mechanical buttons for launching and operating the default camera app. Read More >>

How to Film a Great White Shark with Your iPhone

A lot of Kickstarter projects are launched with little more than an idea and a mockup, but the tentatively named FourPro iPhone underwater housing was field-tested while filming great white sharks. So I think it's already proven itself. Read More >>


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