The Cabin In The Woods Cabin Is Gonna Exist, and It Sounds Terrifying

If you didn't see Cabin In The Woods, that was stupid of you. It's really great. Scary, meta and pretty gutsy. And like all good things, well okay like all things, its brilliance is being exploited for a theme park attraction. But it sounds awesome. Some sort-of-not-really spoilers lay ahead... Read More >>

Report: Apple Is Finally Sealing Deals For Its Internet Radio

The New York Times is reporting that Apple's much-rumoured music streaming service may soon be ready — even in time for next week's WWDC — thanks to the company finally signing contracts with major music labels. Read More >>

Universal's Simpsons Land Theme Park Includes Krusty Burger and Moe's

a few years ago Fox and Pepsi had a contest where the winner would get their own real-life version of The Simspons' house. But taking things about a million steps further, Universal Orlando is adding the entire town of Springfield to its theme park—at least the parts that fans really care about.
Opening this Summer, the attraction seems to focus on the food available to the residents of Springfield. Including a Krusty Burger, Moe's Tavern, Lard Lad donuts, the Kwik-E-Mart, the Frying Dutchman, and Luigi's Pizza. And the park is even going so far as to have an actual Duff Beer brewed exclusively for the attraction. But for those looking for more of a thrill, a ride called Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl will also give fans the opportunity to unload the Krusty-certified meat sandwich they just enjoyed. Read More >>

YouTube Took 2 Billion Views Away from Sony, Universal, and Others

While Gangnam style was out racking up a billion views, channels owned by Sony and Universal have moved twice as far in the other direction. YouTube has stripped them of these views alleging a violation of the YouTube terms of service which prohibit the artificial inflating of view-counts. Read More >>

HP's Music Streaming Service Will Power Windows 8 Computers (Good News If You Like Rihanna)

HP's partnership with Universal Music was unveiled several months back, but it's taken until now for the full bevy of info-children to tumble out: basically, HP Connected Music will be pre-loaded onto all of HP's Windows 8 computers, offering up free streaming access to Universal (and EMI's, don't forget) entire catalogue of music, plus a bunch of rewards (exclusive gigs; VIP trips etc). Read More >>

LoveFilm Signs an Exclusive Universal Movie Deal, So You Can Finally Stream Battleship

The UK streaming war continues fiercely with Amazon's LoveFilm still trading blows with Netflix. The latest round in the revived firefight sees LoveFilm secure an exclusive multi-year deal with Universal for such gems as the Tetris Battleship movie, Kick-Ass and Bourne Legacy. Read More >>

Meta: Universal Music Censors News Story About Its Censorship of Megaupload

Universal Music's legal department sure has been busy! Late last week UMG had a song defending Megaupload removed from YouTube on a false copyright claim. Then on Monday, the company had a news report removed on the same grounds. Read More >>

Megaupload Sues Record Label for Censorship

Megaupload says it's suing Universal Music Group. Wait, what? File sharing vector suing copyright holder? Megaupload went on the offensive against the recording industry with a video uploaded to YouTube featuring big name artists. Universal had it taken down (we found a mirror). Read More >>


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