Science Fact: Spider-Man Really Could Stop a Runaway Train

Spider-Man is no longer science fiction -- well, some of his amazing powers aren't, anyway. Being bitten by a radioactive spider probably isn't going to let you scramble up the sides of tall buildings, but yes, it's true -- you really could stop a speeding train with webbing if you were the Spidey one. Read More >>

Science Shows That Flying Using Batman's Cape Would Definitely Kill You

We've all gazed in wonder as Batman jumps off roofs, gliding gracefully down to Earth to kick the crap out of some lowlife using his awesome cape. Turns out it would be great at kamikazing yourself into a bad guy, but neither of you would survive the colossal 50mph impact. Read More >>

New British Booze Tricorder Can Tell You That Vodka's Not Really Smirnoff

Apparently the UK is battling with counterfeit booze at the moment. I can’t say I’ve noticed any knock-off Gordon’s floating around, apart from the so-close-it’s–almost-copyright-infringement own brands from the supermarkets that is. Still, boffins from the University of Leicester have come up with a hand-held booze scanner that’ll detect the dodgy stuff without even having to open the bottle. Read More >>


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