Latest Update Brings KitKat to Google Glass

It's been a while since we last heard of a software update for Glass and now I guess we know why. The team over at Mountain View has been busy updating the face-computer to run on the latest version of Android (4.4.2 a.k.a. KitKat). Read More >>

Android 4.3 Is Rolling Out to the UK and Should Speed Up Your Old Nexus

While on the face of it Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is a bit of a minor update, what with it just adding a bit of profile and Bluetooth magic, as well as Open GLES 3.0. But it seems Google's enabled TRIM support in the update for its Nexus line of phones and tablets, which means your Nexus should get a welcome speed boost right about now. Read More >>

Windows Blue, A.K.A the Next Windows OS, is Leaked Online

A leaked copy of Microsoft's latest Blue OS—its rumoured incremental Windows upgrade—is spreading, and shows an increased focus on personalisation including new Live Tile arrangements on the Start Screen, a Snap View for side-by-side apps, and new colour choices. Read More >>

iOS 6.1 Screws Vodafone's 3G and We're Still Waiting on a Fix

This might be a little bit too late, but Vodafone's warning iPhone users to steer clear of the latest iOS 6.1 update as it apparently causes issues with 3G data, texts and calls -- basically everything, then. Apparently Apple's working on a fix, but who knows how long that'll take. Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy S III on Orange? Jelly Bean's Finally Here For You

Well, that didn't take long now did it? We've no idea why Orange took its sweet-arse time with it, but Jelly Bean is finally available for your Samsung Galaxy S III. Better late than never, I guess. Fire up Kies and check for updates. [TechRadar] Read More >>

Nokia Leak Suggests There's a Windows Phone 7.x Between 7.8 and 8

We've been expecting Windows Phone 7 to halt dead at 7.8, leaving users with older handsets in the lurch. But now a leak from Nokia suggests there's life in the old OS yet. Read More >>

Google Finally Gifts the Nexus 7 a Proper Landscape Mode

Why Google didn't bundle landscape support into Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7 originally, I'll never know, but at least it's there now. The latest Android 4.1.2 update brings landscape mode, performance improvements and bug fixes, and is rolling out right now. Time to check for updates. [XDA via Droid Life via TechRadar] Read More >>

Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S III is Rolling Out... In Poland

It looks like Polish Samsung Galaxy S III owners are first in line to get in on the Jelly Bean magic, as reports have stated that the latest Android update for Samsung's flagship device is rolling out around Eastern Europe first. Read More >>

What's New in iTunes 11, and Does it Still Suck?

Apple announced a brand new version of iTunes alongside its iPhone 5 last night. Can it win us back from the lure of streaming services like Spotify, and is Ping really gone for good? Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy S III? Check for Updates, Jelly Bean's Headed Your Way

Not only did we find out that the LTE variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III will come packing Jelly Bean out-of-the-box, but that the ordinary Galaxy S III is due an update any minute now. So, not long now folks, if you haven't already taken the rooting, err, route Read More >>

The New Raspberry Pi 2.0 Is Now Here

As the Pi Foundation builds on the fantastic start by the first "B" board, the second iteration of the beloved Raspberry Pi is hitting the shops right now. If you haven't got yourself a Raspberry Pi yet, this is the one you should try and get your mitts on. Read More >>

You'll Soon Be Able to Grab Jelly Bean For Your Galaxy S III and S II

Samsung is looking to give the Galaxy S line a bit of Jelly Bean lovin' fairly soon with the Galaxy S III first up to get the 4.1 update, while the Galaxy S II will get the candy-coated Android version just a little bit later. Read More >>

Apple's Fancy "Power Nap" Lives, Sort Of

Apple's answer to Intel's new ultrabook asleep-but-still-updating "Smart Connect" thing, Power Nap, which allows your computer to wake up and pull down your email, update software and things, is now available as a firmware update for those already running Mountain Lion. Read More >>

The Raspberry Pi Gets a Big Speed Boost

The Raspberry Pi is awesome. Less than £30 nabs you a pocket computer to do your worst with, but it's not quite lightning quick, at least when trying to browse the web. That's about to change though, as its default recommended OS has gotten a massive kick in the pants for more speed. Read More >>

Google+ Wants You to Fill It With Updates From Other Sites

Venture Beat is reporting that there's an extra Google+ feature that wasn't announced at yesterday's I/O, which sucks content from other sites for you. Sounds like it might be only way you'll ever post anything to your profile. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S III Gets an Update, Despite Not Really Needing One

Samsung has pushed out an update for Galaxy S III users in the UK, which claims to make some vague "improved stability" fixes and not a whole lot more. Read More >>


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