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Windows 8.1 Update: The Return of the Mouse

At today's Build conference keynote, Microsoft officially announced Windows 8.1 Update 1, which is basically a bunch of tweaks for people who want to forgo its touch optimisation and use the OS primarily with a mouse and keyboard. Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8.1 Bug Breaks Driver and Firmware Upgrade Process

Microsoft has identified a very silly bug inside Windows 8.1, one that means you "...cannot update drivers and firmware" after performing a system restore. There's an update out there to fix it, should you be in the habit of breaking your PC so badly it needs regular system restores via Windows 8's push-button reset tool. [Microsoft via The Register] Read More >>

Twitter's Losing Sight of What Makes it So Great

Yesterday, Twitter introduced some major changes to the way it does business. Not only can a single tweet now hold multiple photos (each with up to 10 tagged friends), but none of that extra baggage takes away any of your precious characters. In other words, Twitter just got a whole lot more like Facebook. Read More >>

Instagram for Android Gets Major Overhaul: Promises a Cleaner, Faster Experience

Good news to Android users who enjoy sharing photos of their food and slapping a filter onto every snap they take, because a major Instagram update has been released that promises a cleaner, faster experience. Read More >>

Upgraded Apple TV Shows up on US Shop's Comparison Chart

An upgraded Apple TV, which earlier rumours suggested might see an announcement in April, has been sort-of spotted again, with US retailer Best Buy supposedly including a substantially enhanced Apple TV with loads more apps in a product comparison slide. Read More >>

HTC US Offers Free Screen Replacement and Promises "Two Years" of Android Updates

HTC's American division has announced a new thing we're quite jealous of, but it's not a phone. It's a sort of aftercare promise, with the HTC Advantage scheme offering free screen repairs to buyers should a lovely new telephone get dropped. Because of course Americans are the only butter-fingered people in the world, right? No? Read More >>

HTC One Misses KitKat Android 4.4 Update Deadline, Which Just Isn't Good Enough

HTC is finding the KitKat update a little harder to prepare than it thought, with the company revealing it's going to miss its self-imposed 90-day deadline for bringing Google's latest code to its beloved HTC One flagship model. Read More >>

Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update Fixes Battery Borking Problems

Second time lucky? After botching the first firmware roll-out for its actually-quite-good Surface Pro 2 tablet (with the initial update being pulled after affecting the device's battery life), Microsoft has rolled out a new fix for the machine. Read More >>

No KitKat Action Coming to HTC's One X and One X+

HTC's told owners of its old (in phone years) models the HTC One X and One X+ that they won't be getting any more big OS updates, telling owners that their phones "will not receive further Android updates & will remain on the current version of Android." If you want the new stuff, buy a new phone. Harsh. [Twitter via Techradar] Read More >>

Nexus 4 Burning Up and Smashing its Battery After Android 4.4 KitKat Update

The KitKat release for Google and LG's older Nexus 4 phone is now live, with users able to upgrade to the very newest Android release right now. But it's not going down well with some, who claim the phone's now going berserk, draining its battery in an hour and becoming seriously hot to the touch. Read More >>

Nintendo 3DS Gets Non-3-D YouTube Support

Nintendo fans are suffering a rollercoaster of emotions: learning that finally the Nintendo 3DS is getting YouTube support; only to be brought crashing down to earth with the news that it's 2-D only. Life's a bummer sometimes. If you can function through the heartache, the app's available in the 3DS's app store. [Engadget] Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Update Put on Hold After Masses of Bug Complaints

Users updating their Samsung Galaxy S3s to Samsung's latest Android 4.3 release have been plastering the internet with complaints about the poor quality of the release, so much so that Samsung's been forced into pulling the bug-update. Read More >>

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Google Glass 2 Spec Includes Prescription Lens Compatibility, Mono Earbud

Google's about to upgrade its Google Glass hardware with new features, and the satisfied nerds already in possession of a pair of the tech-specs will be able to swap their existing Glass for a new one later this year. Read More >>

Got a WP8 Nokia Lumia? Check For Updates

Anyone with a Windows Phone 8-packing Nokia Lumia should be getting the long-awaited "Amber" update right about now, which brings with it all sorts of new fun toys. The Smart Camera app, the Pro Camera app (only for 920 and 925), and a load of basic camera enhancements are bundled in there, as well as a new lockscreen, some more gestures, and a heap of other fixes. Read More >>

Windows 8.1 Will Land on October 17th

Microsoft's Windows 8 fix-up, Windows 8.1, will hit the Windows Store as a free upgrade starting on the 18th 17th of October at 12:00-noon, Start button and all. Will the point update solve all Windows 8's issues? Probably not, but it's a decent start. [Microsoft] Read More >>

You Can Now Download 4oD Shows on Your iPhone or Android

Channel 4's just updated its apps for both iOS and Android to allow downloading of shows for offline viewing, beating the BBC to the offline-Android punch. Now you can cringe at the Inbetweeners even when you're 60m underground on the Northern Line. Read More >>


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